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					This documentation is for the "Jacoby" spectral library which was originally published by
Jacoby, Hunter, and Christian in 1984. The reference is Astrophys. J. Suppl. 56, 257.

The original data contained digital spectra for 161 stars of spectral classes O through M
and for the luminosity classes V, IV, III, II, and I. The original wavelength range was
from 3510 A to 7427 A. The resolution was approximatel 4.5 A and the typical
photometric uncertinity for each resolution element was approximately 1%. The original
wavelength increment between pixel elements was 1.40 A. The original flux values were
given in ergs/cm^2/sec/A and were placed on the flux scale of Hayes and Latham (1975)
Astrophys. J. 197,593. The spectra were dereddened using the observed colors for the
individual stars and the reddening law of Schild (1977) Astron. J. 82,337.

This data has been extracted from the original database provided by Astronomical Data
Center (ADC) opperated by the National Space Science Data Center. It is here in a form
which can be read by the CLEA spectrometer simulation package. In particular, the
original data was interpolated at 1 A intervals between 3900 A and 4500 A and then
normalized to 1.0 at the maximum flux value in this wavelength interval for each

The data exists as 161 files containing wavelength, relative flux data pairs. Each file
contains 601 data points. The files have names like jXXX.sp, where XXX is a number
which runs from 001 to 161.

The individual stars are identified in an index file jacoby2.inx. The following information
is contained in the index file:

         index number

this is the ordinal number of the star in the library and the integer part of the file name for
the data

         name or ID for the star

         spectral type

         B-V     (synthetic, based on dereddened spectrum)

         U-B     (synthetic, based on dereddened spectrum)

         record number for the beginning of the data for this star in the original data file

Contact Dr.Gordon Spear at Sonoma State University, Department of Physics and
Astronomy, Rohnert Park, CA 94928 if you have additional questions. E-mail:

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