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                                                           3 Reasons To Take Up Golf
                                                                    By Golf Amigos

   Golf is a game played by over 4 million people in the UK. Its popularity is ever increasing and for
good reason. That many people can’t be wrong. If you’re toying with the idea of taking up golf and
maybe investing a in a few lessons, perhaps the arguments below will convince you of the game’s


Many of us lead very sedentary lives, usually as a result of having a hectic 9-5 office job. We might
have family to take care of the rest of the time and before we know it, the week has slipped by and we
still haven’t been able to do any exercise. Contrary to what some people might believe, golf is a sport
which is great for increasing your level of physical fitness. You might not be sweating profusely by the
end of it, but you will have walked an awful lot around the course and as we know, walking is one of
the best forms of exercise you can do.

Fresh air

What’s so good about golf is that it can be played in any weather; on a sunny day, there is surely
nothing so glorious as to be out on a green playing a few rounds of golf, and similarly, in blustery
weather a round of golf can be very invigorating. Instead of exercising in a sweaty, stuffy, overcrowded
gym, get outside and breathe in some fresh air; you’ll feel fitter already.


With the busy lives we all lead nowadays, it’s good to have a hobby to provide some escapism - even
better if this hobby involves exercise, which golf does. Golf is a fantastic opportunity to get together
with some friends and play a few rounds. Belonging to a club also adds to that feeling of camaraderie,
especially when you’re digesting your game over a pint in the clubhouse afterwards.

Now that you’re raring to go, you might want to look into a golf holiday.

Golf Amigos are one of the UK’s leading golf tour operators and their experienced and knowledgeable
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                          Promotional Golf Balls – They Just Make Good Business Sense
                                                                  By Matt Franks

Golf is one of the official sports of the business world, so it's not a big surprise that golf items are
popular promotional items when companies are looking for ways to promote their businesses. For
people in the business world, companies know that whether they are someone who plays golf once in
a while or they go out on the green every weekend, they are going to enjoy getting promotional golf

There are a few reasons that using promotional golf balls to promote a business is a good idea.

They Are Something People Will Use

 One of the reasons promotional golf balls are a good promotional item is because they are something
that people are going to use. They are something that everyone who enjoys playing golf is going to use
and that they will like. When people are using promotional golf balls from a company, they are going
to be reminded of the company and they are going to advertise the company whenever they play.

They Are Affordable

 Another reason why promotional golf balls are a good promotional item is the fact that they are
something that is affordable. When a company is looking for a promotional item, they want to know that
the items that they are going to choose are something that is going to be affordable.

 When you choose promotional golf balls as something for your company to give out as a promotional
item, there are a few ways that you can promote your company with them.

Give Them To Salespeople

 If your salespeople like to play golf, you want to give them some of your promotional golf balls. They
are the ones that are likely to interact with the customers and have a chance to have a friendly game of

Pass them out to Executives

 Another group of people that are likely to play golf at a company are the executives. When they are
playing golf with clients, using promotional golf balls is a great way to let people know about the
company and its products.

Give Them Out at Trade Shows

 The last reason that a company can promote their business with promotional golf balls is to give them
out to people at trade shows. There are going to be a lot of people that are visiting the trade show who
enjoy playing golf, especially if the area has a lot of golf courses.

 Promotional golf balls are a great item to give out to people because a lot of business people enjoy
playing a game of golf. They are something that is affordable for any side of business and that can be

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used in a few different ways to promote a business. They can be given out to executives and
employees, and they can also be given out to people who are attending a trade show.

 Promotional golf balls are something that companies have found to be very useful and something that
they are proud to put their company's name and logo on.

Matt Franks is director of Fluid Branding (, the UK's largest supplier of
promotional golf balls and Promotional Products.  For Eco Friendly promotional products,
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