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									  TURNING YOUR
 Health, Fitness, Nutrition &
 Sport Psychology Degrees
Continuing Education Courses
Personal Trainer Certi cation
       E ARN Y O U R HI G H-L E V E L

Personal Trainer Certification
           W I T H E MPHA S I S I N

    Sports Performance &
      Y O U R B E N E F I T S I NCL UDE :
 Prestigious Certification from a University
           100% Online Learning
          Affordable & Accelerated
Specialized Training in Sports Performance
Bonus Training Modules in Entrepreneurship
  Approved for CEUs/CECs with all Major
  Most Comprehensive Personal Training
          Certification in the World

Continuing Education Courses
          Earn your Certificate of
          Advanced Achievement
6 Courses offering you a university certificate
and credits for all major fitness associations
Wexford University is dedicated to
providing you with world-class education
through cu ing-edge technology.

                                 Designed for self-directed
                                 adult learners, our
                                 innovative degree
                                 programs, continuing
                                 education courses and
                                 personal trainer
certification provide real-world education – not just
theory – so you graduate with knowledge which will
immediately be applied in the field. All Wexford University
programs are 100% online. They are designed for
students just like you from around the world with the
professional, geographic or personal time commitments
which keep them from completing their degree and
formal education in a traditional on-campus format.
At Wexford University, you can start your degree
program or finish your studies that may have been
started at another institution. Either way, you will enjoy a
fun, exciting and rewarding educational experience. Join
Wexford University’s exciting global community and
begin your new intellectual journey today.

Wexford University degree program bene ts:
  •   100% Online learning
      (no classroom attendance required)
  •   Programs offer direct, real-world application,
      not just theory
  •   Industry leading professors with equal
      academic and in-the-field experience
  •   All degrees, continuing
      education and
      certification programs
      offer ongoing open
      enrollment. Apply
      at any time.
Degree Program Options
Associate of Arts Degree in Fitness Training (AA)
Bachelor Degree in Health and Fitness (BS)
Master of Science in Nutrition and Exercise
Physiology (MS)
Master of Arts in Applied Sport & Fitness Psychology
Doctor of Sport Psychology (EdD)

AA       $55 per credit or $220 per class.

BS       $75 per credit or $300 per class.

MS       $99 per credit or $396 per class.

MA       $99 per credit or $396 per class.

EdD      $99 per credit or $396 per class.

Tuition fees are in US Dollars

Tuition Reduction for Transferring Credits
Significant tuition reductions are available for those who
have allowable transferable credits. Your admissions
adviser will have details.
Federal Financial Aid
Wexford University does not participate in federal student
loan programs.
U.S. Military Discounts
Wexford offers a 5% tuition discount to all eligible
active-duty service members, reservists and veterans of
the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines or Navy. Your
admissions adviser will have details on needed verification
of service.
Foreign Students
Wexford welcomes students from around the world. If you
are a foreign learner with a desire to earn a U.S. University
degree, you have found the right place. All classes are
taught in English. English proficiency exams are required.
Foreign earned college credits are welcome for transfer
credit consideration.
How to Enroll
Initial applications are only accepted digitally via the
website. The Wexford website has complete details on
each step of the enrollment process. This includes
information for foreign students, transferring
acceptable credits, fees, timelines, policies, etc. The
application fee is $50 (USD) and is non-refundable.

               “Our esteemed online degree programs,
               continuing education courses and
               personal trainer certification prepare
               graduates for highly successful careers
               in the health, fitness, nutrition and sport
psychology fields. Wexford University empowers
students to achieve their professional goals, improve
productivity in their organization and provide
leadership and service to their communities. I want to
personally welcome you to Wexford.”
Jack H. Bauerle, MS, ATC, CSCS
Apply at |
            30245 Tomas, Suite A
     Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
USA Toll Free 866-583-7277 or 949-484-8454

          INSTITUTIONAL APPROVAL: Wexford University
          is a private university licensed to operate by the
          (BPPE) Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education
          (California Education Code 94900 mid/or 94915).
          School Code: 4306651

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