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Dear subscriber! is the worldwide leader in the cashback industry! In this document I will show you
how to get extra cashback after your shopping in the internet. Before we start some explanations:

    1.   WHAT IS CASHBACK ? If you buy something it has a price. Sometimes you can have a discount on it, but
         you will have the final price! Here by DubLi no matter what the final price was you will get cashback
         after the final price.

Ok just an example: Nike store! You look for shoes: Nike Classic. The normal price is 100$. There is a discount
today 15% in Nike store. Ok it seems you can buy the shoes for 85$ in the store. But this store is in the DubLi
shopping mall!!! One click on activate cashback and you will have 12% cashback on the Nike Classic shoes!
That’s it. Within one month 10,2$ (12% of 85$) will be in your cash organizer and you can do with it whatever
you want(use it in the shopping mall, or send it to your bank account etc.)!

    2.   WHAT IS DUBLI TOOLBAR? It always lets you know when you can get Cashback at a retailer!

The new DubLi Toolbar makes it even more convenient to shop and get Cashback through DubLi! Simply install
and log in to the Toolbar and whenever you browse the sites of your favorite merchants, you'll be able to log in
to DubLi and activate your Cashback with a single click! You don't even have to visit the DubLi Shopping Mall at
all! In addition, when you use your favorite search engine to find a product, you will immediately be shown a
list of DubLi merchants that carry that product, and how much Cashback you can earn!

    1. Register on the page: Click here!
    2. Download the dubli toolbar! When you are on the dubli website, on
       the upper right you will find the Dubli Tools! Simply click on it and
       where it says click on “Download” and follow instructions!
    3. For Ultimate savings before shopping in your chosen shop Check actual coupons! Go to
       shopping mall and on the left Coupons & Promotions!

This is it! I hope you’ll enjoy and get cashback on your needs in the future! Check your mail becausein
a few days I got another gift for you!

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