Transition to Paper Checklist by tmccabe524


									Name:                                         January 2013

                         Grading Checklist
Claim                                                My claim is strong and
                                                     backed up with solid
I understand that the evidence I have                evidence.
researched will support my claim.
There were many causes for the breakdown of the      I agree ________

feudal system. The ________ had the most impact on
the decline of the feudal system.
Note Cards                                           # of Notecards ____

Please check your Note Card Checklist and            Quiz Grade:
grade the appropriate:
I have a minimum of 12 to 15 notecards. ___          _________
I have a minimum of 10 to 12 notecards. ___
Outline                                              Outline completed
                                                     with the appropriate
I have placed my note cards into the following       categories. ______
                                                     Quiz Grade:
Background (all students)
At least 3 of the 4:
Political / Social/ Economic/ Beliefs
Works Cited                                          I understand the
                                                     importance of
All sources are accurately documented in             appropriately
Noodle tools including both non-print and print.     documenting all my
   • History Alive
   • World History Shorts                            I agree _______
   • Across the Centuries
   • Sources used in Feudal 7 Wiki
Final Draft                                          I understand the
                                                     penalty of plagiarism.
I will construct an argumentative essay that
will be reflect my writing style and will use only   I agree ______

the basic historical facts.

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