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					               Rules Guide Endurance- San Marcos de Tarrazú

This rulesguide is for the San Marcos de Tarrazú May 8 UCI event.
Represents the event organized by the society named “Producciones Deportivas Alfa”.
E-mail:, Phone: 2271-6120. This event will make use of the
following UCI regulations. This document is a complement in which some particular
aspects regarding this event are described. All the information related to this race is
going to be available on


Those who are interested can get the registration form in the Cycling Solution bicycle
store. It is required to make an online deposit through the following website address
Those who apply should fill the form in with their full name, phone number,
E-mail address (optional), ID number (very important), also the name of a person who
can be contacted in the case of an emergency. Every registered competitor should carry
a bicycle in perfect conditions.

The categories of the Endurance Cup are the following:

- Male Elite (19+ years old)
- Female Elite (19+years old)
- Master A (30-34 years old)
- Master B (35-39 years old)
- Master C (40-44 years old)
- Master D (45-49 years old)
- Master E (50 years old or more)
-Female Master (30+ years old)
- Open

The cost of the registration is ¢10,000.00, such a cost includes an insurance policy from
the INS in the case of accidents.

The registration process will end on Friday before the race, and the list publication to
check at Saturday 8 am in, all kind of observation please send to
these e-mail

The categories with less than 20 participants will be canceled and the participants who
were already registered will merge with the preceding category, and so on and so forth
until one category with more than 20 participants can be adjusted with the new
The winners will be rewarded on the day of the competition. However, Producciones
Deportivas Alfa might award the prizes of the Master category one month later if

Furthermore, a mandatory requisite for the registration is required, that is, each
competitor has to present the FECOCI license valid until to December 31st 2011.

The Congresillo will take place on May 7, at 5 pm, in the official place ( Museo de los
Niños) or in the Producciones Deportivas Alfa office of this event. The ranking of the
UCI has been taken into consideration at the moment of assigning the numbers to the

For the UCI categories, 2 types of numbers will be handed in. The first one must be
placed on the handlebar above the brakes and bicycle gear shifts (to avoid any kind of
confusions). The second one (dorsal) must be placed at the back of the contender.

The Master categories (without exceptions) will carry the number that has been used in
other Endurance competitions. If the number is replaced the cost will be ¢2,000.00

The race will start at 09:00 am o`clock. An initial protocol will be realized as it is
attached in the program.


On Saturday, May 7 at 05:00 pm in the Museo de los Niños the Congresillo or our MTB
Alfa office, will take place to review the UCI categories. All this is made with the
purpose of checking the licenses out, discussing the regulations, and giving the
corresponding numbers to the participants. It is important the presence of the team`s
managers, the UCI delegates and the Organizer in this Congresillo.
                                     UCI POINTS

                   MALE ELITE & FEMALE ELITE

                                        Class 1
                         Position         Male Elite         Female Elite

                             1                  60                 15
                             2                  40                 10
                             3                  30                  5
                             4                  25                  3
                             5                  20                  1
                             6                  18
                             7                  16
                             8                  14
                             9                  12
                            10                  10
                            11                   8
                            12                   6
                            13                   4
                            14                   2
                            15                   1

               Note: This classification is exclusive for Male Elite & Female Elite
                                 AWARD CEREMONY

                      Endurance- San Marcos de Tarrazú

The awards will be presented 30 minutes after the first 5 competitors of the Male Elite
category arrive to the Finish Line. They will need to show up at the Podium and the rest
of the competitors who obtain an award will claim them on the table that has been
assigned by the Organization.

The awards will be presented 30 minutes after the first 5 competitors of the Female Elite
category arrive to the Finish Line. They will need to show up at the Podium and the rest
of the competitors who obtain an award will claim them on the table that has been
assigned by the Organization.

The Award Ceremony will take place at the Finish and the competitors will need to be
at the Podium assigned by the Organization with their corresponding uniform and
                                              Male Elite          Female Elite
                                                 C2                  C2
                                                Award                Award
                          1st place
                         2nd place
                         3rd place
                          4th place
                          5th place
                          6th place
                          7th place
                          8th place
                          9th place
                         10th place
                         11th place
                         12th place
                         13th place

                         14 th place
                         15th place

                   Registration cost for each of the two C1 Races: ¢15,000.00

           Awards Ceremony for each of the Master Categories

The ceremony for the Master Category will be done 30 minutes after the arrival of the
first 5 participants of each Master Category.

              AWARD                                        MASTER CATEGORY


              1st place                                           ¢80,000.00

              2nd place                                           ¢60,000.00

              3rd place                                           ¢40,000.00

              4th place                                           ¢20,000.00

             5th place                                          ¢10,000.00

                         There will be no registration on the day of the Race
The competitor will need to be at the Podium to claim the award wearing the
corresponding uniform of the sponsor. In the case of absence, the competitor will lose
its prize. According to the regulations, the FECOCI can carry Doping tests out in any
guaranteed event. The Organizer will be notified previously.

Technical Assistance:

The Technical Assistance has a new point included by the UCI:
Authorized Technical Assistance
During the competition the Technical Assistance is allowed under the following

The Technical Assistance during this race consists of repairing and replacing some
pieces of the bicycle.
The bicycle gear shifts are not allowed and the competitors must arrive to the Finish
with the same number on the handlebar that they had since the start of the race. If the
competitor misplaces its number, the participant will need to report it to the referees.
The Technical Assistance only can be executed in the designated areas. These areas
must be located in sufficient extended zones evenly distributed along the Route.
The materials and tolls used in the repairs must remain in the zones mentioned above.
Every participant is obliged to carry the repairs out by himself or the help of a partner of
the same team and/or his team mechanic. However, the repair can be performed by a
neutral mechanic as well. The participants can carry with them tools and spare parts
provided that those parts will not put the competitors` safety under any kind of risk.
Wheels replacements will be allowed only if it is extremely necessary. Nevertheless, it
does not apply for the bicycle.


It is mandatory the use of helmet, gloves, socks, bicycle t-shirt, protection goggles
The participant`s number cannot be modified under any circumstance. If that action
occurs, it will be punished with a 30 seconds penalty or a ¢5,000.00 fine.

Logistics within the Competition:

Separately from the Master, the UCI categories will start the race with a difference of
time of 3 minutes each one. But, the Master categories will start the race altogether.
In the first positions of the race, an ATV assigned to the leaders will guide them. There
will be not be traffic on the first kilometers, 2 or 3 motorcycles or ATV´s will be
checking out the safety of the race. Additionally, a specified vehicle will pick up those
competitors who have problems with their bicycles and cannot continue the race. When
this vehicle picks a participant up, the vehicle will need to take him to the next
Technical Assistance area. Each technical assistance area has its transportation means
through the organization, thus, when last assistance has been done, in the technical
assistance area, the competitors will be taken to the finish.

There will be a Red Cross station in the second technical assistance area, as well as in
the finish, and an ambulance all the way through the race.

Signal codes:

The route will be clearly marked with some printed colorful arrows along the road.
These arrows will indicate the path to follow. These arrows will be located to the right
of the road; from 10 to 20 meters before a crossroad an arrow must be marked, and 10
meters after the same crossroad another arrow will be marked to confirm that the
participants are on the correct direction. The letter X will show an incorrect direction.
A CAUTION (PRECAUCION) sign will be placed with 2 inverted arrows and a
DANGER (PELIGRO) sign with 3 arrows. However, even though there are double
marks, the ones with a biodegradable spray will be the official signal code of the route.

The areas with obstacles will be protected with specific materials or highlighted with a
phosphorescent paint. The contender should know the route. If the signal codes are
altered by third parties the Organization will not take the responsibility.

Supply Zones:

The provisions can be given only in the specified zones. The Technical Director will
have the authorization to provide its competitors with foodstuff and water or similar.
The Organization will demarcate the Supply Zones 50 meters before and 50 meters after
the Technical Assistance areas. There was market with the official signs the initial and
the final assistance zone.
If the competitors have some inconvenient and cannot can make more the competence,
the organization have in each PC a transport for these kind of competitor to go to the
finish line place.
                                  Assistance Zones

               H2O       Hydration       Fruits    Bikes` oil   Carbohydrates      Red
  AZ 1          X            X             X           X
  AZ 2          X            X             X           X                            X
  AZ 3          X            X             X           X              X

 FINISH         X            X             X                                        X


The Organization will provide with the ambulance y medical personnel. The first aids
station will be installed in central location and will have accessibility for every
The Organization counts with a broadcasting system to cover the whole event.


The complains must be presented to the Delegate Director in charge of the event 15
minutes after the results have been posted. The complains must be written to be official
and there is a cost of ¢10,000.00


The UCI will establish the sanctions or the referees of the Organization if needed in the
case of the parameters violation. The route will need to comply with all the requisites
of the Ecological Preservation Laws. Throwing garbage away has a fine of the UCI

It is very important that the competitors registered in the UCI have the numbers on the
T-shirt and the bicycle too.

No competitor can use an electronic devise such as MP3 music players.

Finish Arrival:

Every participant that arrives to the Finish line cannot cross the Finish line for a second
time under any circumstance. The competitors that disobey this rule will be penalized
with the time they made on the second arrival.

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