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									Tips Before You Buy an Amplifier

As a musician, amplifier is the important equipment beside the music instrument. Almost all of the music instruments use the amplifier to get the great sound. Of course, it is appropriate to your taste of music sound. For example, if you want to play rock n roll music, the sound of your guitar must have the characteristics like that genre. We know that it is helped with a distortion, but the amplifier has the important part too. It is better for you to take into account several tips before buying an amplifier. 1. choose the amount of the power capacity appropriate for your needs If you want to us your amplifier only for exercising in your home, it is enough to choose an amplifier with 15-20 watts. For most amplifiers on this model, there is a

port for your plug-in Head Phone such as Amplifier Guitar Laser 20 which is useful for you young people to play the guitar in the night. If your amplifier will be used to play in a band, especially your band, with all of the instruments like drum, keyboard, bass guitar, and microphone, the amount of the power capacity is 70 watts or more. It is to avoid the sinking of the sound because the loud sound of your drum set. Then, if the amplifier will be used in the stage, the 125 watts or more is the best choice. This type also can be used to monitor your instrument in the stage of a concert 2. Choose the facility that will appropriate for your need. Don’t buy an amplifier which has unnecessary features for you, moreover it spent more money from your pocket. 3. Choose the amplifier with a high quality If you need an amplifier for a keyboard, so it is better to choose an amplifier that does not change the original sound of your keyboard. There are many amplifiers that change the sound different from the original sound. It is because the adding or reduction to the certain frequency. Usually it is happened in the lowest (low bas) or the highest (high treble) For the amplifier Electric Guitar and Electric Bass this is not applied because those two instruments need a specific frequency. For Electric Guitar, it only need high treble and don’t need low bass. For Electric Bass, it needs Low Bass and don’t need High treble. 4. The design of the amplifier is the last consideration It is depend on your taste. There are many models in the store available for you. However, is you are a true musician, this consideration will be not so important. The most important is the quality and the sound of the amplifier

Well, it is all about the tips before choosing the appropriate amplifier for you. Hopefully, this article will be useful for you

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