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									                                                      Hoover City Schools
                                             Summer Credit Enhancement Program
Credit Enhancement is a more traditional form of summer school that offers courses for students trying to create more
flexibility in their upcoming academic schedule. The format is a traditional classroom setting in which the district curricula will
be taught at a more rapid pace in a condensed form.
                                             STUDENT REGISTRATION FORM
*Students interested in credit enhancement are encouraged to register as early as possible, due to limited seats.
(Please Print)

Student Name _____________________________________________________                         Grade Completed (2012-13): ______

Home Address ______________________________________________________________________________________
                                    Street                                 City                 State                 Zip

Home Phone ______________________ Parent work phone _________________ Parent cell_____________________

Parent’s Name ______________________________________________________________________________________

Parent’s Address (if different from student’s) _______________________________________________________________

Parent Email: _______________________________________________________________________________________

School Attended 2012-2013:            ____ Hoover High School ______Spain Park High School

                                      ____ Middle School ______________________________________________________

Step #1: Place an X in the appropriate semester/term column next to the course you are requesting to take. You
             can only take one course per term (a maximum of two semesters per summer).

                  Course                                                1st sem/1st term                 2nd sem/2nd term

                  Health (1 term                                            ______                           ______

                  AP Macro Economics                                       ______                            NA

                  P.E. Life                                                ________                          ________

* Slots will be filled in the order in which registrations are filled

                   Cost is $200 per semester course.

                  # of courses _________ x cost (see above)                                        ________________

                  Enter total amount of tuition due                                               $ _______________

Step # 3:         Payment in full must be made at the time of registration.

                  Requests for refunds must be made in writing and received by the principal or bookkeeper no later than
                  May 30 th for Credit Enhancement.

                  Students dismissed from summer school for disciplinary or attendance reasons are not entitled to a
                  refund of any portion of the tuition.

Step # 4:         Please review the Summer School Agreement Sheet located at your school’s website that includes
                  information and rules concerning attendance, behavior, consequences, arrival to school, etc.
                  Parents and students must be familiar with this information. The rules followed during the normal school
                  year will be in effect for Hoover Summer School.

Step # 5:
       After registering and paying online, save this form and send as an attachment to

          If registering on-site this form must be completed and submitted along with tuition.
           Checks will NOT be accepted at on-site registration. Tuition must be paid by cash, money
           order or cashiers’ check.

                                              Summer School hours are 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.

I acknowledge I have reviewed the Summer School Agreement Sheet referenced in Step # 4. I agree to abide by the rules
for attendance and behavior. I understand that refunds are not allowed for dismissals that result from violations of these

_________________________________________________________                                      ___________________________________
                    Parent’s Signature (electronic accepted)                                                       Date

_________________________________________________________                                      ___________________________________
                   Student’s Signature (electronic accepted)                                                       Date

This Section for Office Use Only
Date Paid _________________Amount Paid _____________________Received By________________________________________
Cash ________        Check Number __________               Credit Card (on line) Payment ___________ Other __________

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