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Before going for any new method being adopted in the policy of your company the management would
eventually have to look at eac h and every prospectus of the same and analysis the point with its merits
and all the demerits too. But today the advantage whic h the online marketing India firms are offering the
business houses would eventually be the best option for these houses too. Moreover none of the
business would be expecting to have undue competition being involved in the long run of their business
because t his would eventually have many side effects comprising huge financial investment for the
business house too. But one Question still persists why to opt for online marketing? Today the reason for
having some finance being kept on the other side for market ing of the business and for providing the
required public exposure for the company and its products which would eventually increase its overall
profits. Today the average Indian population is having a larger knowledge regarding internet and some or
the other day they are spending their time sitting in front of the system and surfing internet.

Doe s Your Busine ss Need Marketing Policy?

Today when the plan for starting a new business is thought it is always necessary to have a separate
account for t he publicity and marketing related activity of the company which one would be requiring
during the real marketing and publicity works which would involve the expenditure whic h the online
marketing India firm would be charging to the company for all marketing related works .

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