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									Stand Log
First Name Jack Mike Todd Bill Kenny Joe Ray Tim Chris Jim Dr John Cooter Fabian Ray Chuck Mark Jerry Jasper Rick Kirby Jonathan Steve Ron Chris Craig Ron Robbie Bill Steve Gary Marty Kyle 31 Last Name Bentley Breazeale Brewster Brumett Carey Coker Cook Cooney Cranford Dardenne Dedman Failla Fontenot Harbison Harralson Herndon Lewellyn Lewellyn McDaniel Mouser Nelson Orr Peek Powell Powell Powell Roberts Rubenstein Tole Tucker Williams Wood

PO = Permission Only Yes/No Permission Only Stand PO Pine off camp road right Yes Funeral Home Reed Left Yes New = No stand first year. Pond off End of Reed to Right Yes Off Red Line on 133 Yes End of Mayer to Right Yes Creek off End of Reed to Right Yes End of Mayer Left Pines off Camp Road Left Yes Sprinkle off Middle Warren Yes Sprinkle past creek Yes Refrigerator Road Woods Road - Creek Yes End of Mayer - Middle Sprinkle East Boundary Yes Woods Road - Nose Bleed Yes
Left off Reed Road

Stand 2
Reed Road on Right

Honey Suckle on Sprinkle Left Mayer Road Woods Road off Mayer

End Mayer Right Hardwoods Sprinkle Near Dedman End of Back Road 133

Refrigerator Road Left Sprinkle Near Food Plot End of Mayer - NW Corner South of 54 in Cutover Donham on Creek Yes Sprinkle Cross Roads
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Mayer Left on creek

End of Mayor to Right Back Road in Pines Sprinkle just past creek Off Woods Road - East Sprinkle Burn off @ Food Plot End of Mayer Right - Political End of Reed to Left Sprinkle past Kirby 133 Back Road End to Left Mayer Right near Creek Sprinkle near food plot Behind Camp NW Corner 133 First on Red Line End of Mayer Left Corner Refrigerator Road 54 Stands Food Plot off End of Reed

Mayer Left in Pines Off Camp Road in Pines Reed Road End on Left Sprinkle off Mayer Back Road East Cutover Mayer on Left past creek

Yes Reed Right Yes Yes Sprinkle left before creek Yes

Camp Stands: 2 Other Stands

Sprinkle Food Plot

Total 62 Stands


Donham Road to Left - Ray Woods Road @Mayer Pond Wooley Cut off 133 - Dahl Reed Lt. past pines -George Woods Road on Creek - Wilbert Camp Road in cutover - Wilbert 19 South of Hwy 54 & 43 North of Hwy 54

ver - Wilbert

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