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									                                   College of Applied Studies and Community Service
                                              King Saud University ( KSU)

                                               CT 1314 - Sheet#2

Multiple choice - Choose the correct answer from the following:

       1. Your IT director heard about a fast but inexpensive new computer and purchased it to be the
          new Windows Server 2008 server on the network. When you attempt to install Windows
          Server 2008, the operating system won’t install because there seems to be a problem with
          the BIOS in the new computer. How might this dilemma have been avoided?

              a. The new computer should have been purchased with no BIOS, which is a
                 requirement of Windows Server 2008.
              b. The new computer is too fast for Windows Server 2008 and should have been
                 purchased with a CPU restrictor option.
              c. The IT director should have first had a system programmer make changes to the
              d. The IT director should have checked to see if the computer hardware and BIOS were
                 certified for Windows Server 2008.

       2. You have installed Windows Server 2008, but when the computer reboots you only see a
          command-line screen. However, you intended to implement a full version of the operating
          system with the normal Windows GUI. What has happened?

              a.   For Windows Server 2008, you need a 1399 cable for the display monitor.
              b.   You have installed Web Edition, which only has a command-line interface.
              c.   The Windows Setup program did not properly identify the type of display monitor.
              d.   During the installation, you selected to install Server Core instead of the full

       3. Which of the following are roles that can be implemented in Windows Server 2008? (Choose
          all that apply.)

              a.   Active Directory Printer Spooling Service.
              b.   Application Server
              c.   Fax Server
              d.   Terminal Services

                                        College of Applied Studies and Community Service
                                                   King Saud University ( KSU)

          4. Which of the following must you do shortly after installing Windows Server 2008 to keep the
             server functions enabled?

                 a.     Activate Windows Server 2008.
                 b.     Install the Server Control role.
                 c.     Click Start and click License Verification.
                 d.     Reenter the Product Key code when you register with Active Directory.

          5. Installing the Core version of Windows Server 2008 allows you to do the following server
             roles: (Choose all that apply)

                 a.     Active Directory Domain Services
                 b.     Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services
                 c.     DHCP and DNS Servers
                 d.     File, Print and Web Services

Question2: True or False & correct false answers

     1. The application server role is used to manage security tokens and security services for a
                                                                                                       (   )
        Web-based network.

     2. To get the latest versions of service pack, check Microsoft’s Web site for a download of the
                                                                                                       (   )
        service pack.

     3. DNS server role is to give IP addresses to network clients whereas DHCP server's role is to
                                                                                                       (   )
        translate domains into IP addresses and vice versa.

     4. Windows Server 2008 allows clients to run application softwares that are not installed in
                                                                                                       (   )
        their computers on the network or the Web.

     5. All server roles can be achieved with the Windows Server 2008 Core installation                (   )

Good Luck 


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