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                       Pointers of Proofreading and Editing Term Papers

Proofreading and editing service are the final steps in writing term papers, yet not so lots of
students pay attention to them because they either think about them as boring, or have
installed grammar checkers in their machines, and assume the grammar checker will correct
the mistakes. This is not the case.

Another reason why students may submit assignments that have errors is that they are familiar
with their mistakes to recognize them. Therefore, it is advisable that you either request a mate
who is conversant along with your field to proofread and edit your work, or set it aside for a day
or before proofreading and editing it. This will help you to point out mistakes because you will
have overcome the familiarity of your term paper.

Proofreading involves identifying mistakes and recommending change for example on the
structure and organization of ideas in the term paper, but when you are writing term papers,
you correct the mistakes. On the other hand, editing involves identifying mistakes and
correcting them, possibly through modifying or effect a complete change.

What do you look for when you are proofreading & editing?

To start with, purpose to proofread & edit on minimal aspects of those for every reading. That
way, you won't lose focus, unlike in the event you are looking for several mistakes
simultaneously. In addition, it is important to have proofreading & editing service tools such as
the dictionary, stylebooks & where feasible make definite you have access to web. Keep in mind
that proofreading & editing is not merely an exercise of identifying mistakes, it is & a learning

When editing, watch out for the following:

Organization- how well are your ideas organized. Is there a connection & smooth transition
from idea to another & paragraph-to-paragraph? Have you given major points the emphasis
they need for there to be excellence in writing term papers?

Topic and thesis- there has to be unity between your topic, thesis and the knowledge supplied
at the introduction and the body. The thesis ought to be supported by facts in the body.

Grammar- is your term paper free of grammatical errors. Referring to past-completed term
papers will help you recognize mistakes made earlier and correct.
Voice and diction- use words that clearly communicate your ideas, and observe that you
maintain the same voice throughout when writing term paper.

While proofreading, check out for the following:

Spelling & use of vocabulary- you might have installed a spell checker, but it does not correct
the error of wrong spellings and wrong use of vocabularies or the right word.

Titles- indicate which of your words titles are, and which of them are not. In relation to the
titles, the titles and sub-titles ought to have consistent font size and font type.

Tips of proofreading and editing

1. Read your term paper out aloud

2. Do not use words whose meaning you are not definite of

3. Engage a second and if feasible a third party to read through your work to ascertain the
quality of your term paper

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