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Snack Shack Procedures

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					Snack Shack Procedures
Flag – The flag is in the red bag near the coffee pot. Flag pole is located in right field. Be sure to bring the flag in after every game. Windows – make sure the brackets are fully opened. Get help closing them as they are very heavy. Trash cans – Keep one trash can inside, put one by the guest bleachers, and one outside the main selling window. At the end of each game put a new bag in the cans and stack inside the snack shack. Tie up bags of trash and place outside of snack shack. Full bags of trash need to go to the dumpster. Someone can take them on the gator to the dumpster or ask one of the coaches can do it. Scoreboard and Sound System – There is a power switch on the scoreboard itself that must be turned on. The scoreboard controller is in the blue box in the blue cabinet. Directions for the scoreboard are on a shelf in the snack shack. Do not switch on the “clock” on the scoreboard controller; it will not let you clear/restart the scoreboard. Turn on the power switches on all 3 sound components. Be sure to turn off the sound system, un-plug and put away the scoreboard controller and turn the main power to the scoreboard off at the end of the game. Cash Box – It is kept in the blue cabinet. You always start with $40 in cash. At the end of each game count the money. Leave $40 in the cash box with as many $1 bills as possible. Don’t worry about counting the change. Put your profits in an envelope; this is your deposit. On the outside of the envelope write the amount and date and place the envelope in the bottom of the cash box. In the Concessions notebook under the deposit tab record the amount of money in the envelope. If you are concerned that the deposit should be picked up immediately, call Sherri Valois and let her know or take it home with you. Snack Shack Prices – The Snack Shack menu and prices are written on the board above the microwave. There is a board between the refrigerator and counter to hang on a nail outside the main window. Apparel Prices – Wolf apparel prices are on top of the refrigerator in a plastic, standing frame. Questions concerning ordering what is not in stock should be directed to Scott Richardson. Nacho Machine – The machine can be left on over night and for many days. If there is a home game within 4 days of the last home game, leave the machine on and the

cheese inside. Otherwise refrigerate the cheese by removing the spout and putting the cap on and unplug the machine. If you are putting a new bag in the machine, be sure to keep the cap. Directions for the nacho machine are taped to the lid. BBQ – The grill is in the storage area of the snack shack. Use the plywood “ramp” to take it out and put it back in. On the back of the grill there is a grease cup and tray; both should be cleaned before putting the grill away. Hot Dog Cooker - There is a hot dog cooker in the snack shack that can be used instead of the grill for hot dogs. Turn on the power switch and set both knobs at 250°. Once hot dogs are done turn the temperature down to 150°. Water – Use gallon jugs of water to make coffee and hot chocolate. Do not use water from the hose for cleaning or cooking as it is not potable. Coffee Pot and Tea Kettle – Make sure to unplug the appliances at the end of the game. Chocolate bars and Candy – Any candy that could melt in the heat needs to be placed in the refrigerator at closing. Candy maybe left out and displayed on the black shelf during games. Restocking – Sherri Valois does the shopping and restocking of the Snack Shack. If you are out of items please leave Sherri a list. When time allows, restock the beverage refrigerator and the chip stand. We make our own bags of peanuts. Coaches and Umpires – They eat and drink for free. Always offer your umpires something to eat and drink. Umpires are big fans of bratwurst and hamburgers. Players – We offer our players discount prices on water, Gatorade and meal deals. The prices are on the wall near the main window and microwave. Players pay for what they eat. The exception is if players are working a full shift during a tournament, you may offer them a free meal deal. What if you cook too much food? You may offer the leftover hamburgers and hot dogs at half price if they have sat for more than an hour. Use the PA to make an announcement. If you still have food left after the game and it is edible; give it to the players. Stand back when making this offer; you may get trampled by ball players.

Snack Shack Procedures
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Open windows Hang Snack Shack Menu sign Put out trash cans Raise the flag Turn on the power switch on the scoreboard Turn on the power switches on all 3 sound components Put candy out shelf. Pull out BBQ if you are going to use it


1. Count the money in the cash box. Leave $40 (for tournaments leave $60). Put amounts over this in an envelope. Record the deposit amount in the Concessions notebook and on the envelope. Place envelope in bottom of cash box. Replace cash box in cupboard. 2. Restock the Beverage refrigerator and make sure the doors are closed 3. Put any candy that will melt into the refrigerator 4. Tie up the trash, leave the bags outside of the snack shack and put empty cans inside 5. Bring in the flag 6. Bring in Snack Shack Menu 7. Turn off appliances, with the exception of the Nacho Machine 8. Clean the grill and other appliance that were used like the hot dog cooker, coffee maker, microwave, etc 9. Put away the grill 10. Wipe down counters and sweep floor 11. Close and lock windows 12. Turn off lights and sound system 13. Lock doors; deadbolts first, then knobs 14. Turn the power switch to off on the Scoreboard on your way to the parking lot

Questions? Call Sherri Valois at 720-934-1450