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					                                 Quality Review 2012-13: Big Ideas by Indicator and Sub-indicator
Instructional Core                                                                                  School Culture

Indicator 1.1*                   Indicator 1.2*                    Indicator 2.2*                   Indicator 1.4                   Indicator 3.4
Rigorous, engaging and           Research based, effective         Curricula aligned                Structures for positive         Establishing a culture of
coherent curricula               instruction that yields high      assessment practices that        learning environment,           learning that communicates
                                 quality student work              inform instruction               inclusive culture, and          high expectations with
                                                                                                    student success                 supports
a) Curricula purposefully        a) Shared beliefs informed by     a) Curricula-aligned             a) Safe and inclusive school    a) Communication of high
aligns to key standards and      a common framework aligned        assessment practices and         culture                         expectations to the staff with
integrates CCLS units of         to pedagogy and curricula         grading policies that provide                                    training and a system of
                                                                                                    b) School coordinates social
study and instructional shifts                                     actionable feedback                                              accountability
                                 b) Teaching strategies provide                                     emotional learning ,
b) Rigorous habits and higher    multiple entry points that        b) Common assessment             attendance, and youth           b) School leaders and staff
order skills for all             engage all learners               analysis that drive curricular   development for academic        communicate and support
                                                                   and instructional adjustments    success                         high expectations for college
c) Planning and revising to      c) High levels of student
                                                                                                                                    and career readiness to
ensure cognitive engagement      thinking and participation that   c) Checks for understanding,     c) Aligned professional
for all                          culminate in meaningful work      student self-assessment lead     development and supports
                                 products                          to effective lesson              for adoption of effective       c) Staff communicate and
                                                                   adjustments                      academic and personal           support high expectations to
                                                                                                    behaviors                       students
Systems for Improvement

Indicator 1.3*                   Indicator 3.1                     Indicator 4.1*                   Indicator 4.2                   Indicator 5.1
Aligned resource-use to          School level theory of            Support and evaluation of        Teacher teams engaged in        Regularly evaluate school
support instructional goals      action and goals shared by        teachers through a               collaborative practice using    level decisions with a focus
that meet students’ needs        the school community              research-based, common           the inquiry approach to         on the CCLS
                                                                   teaching framework               improve classroom practice

a) Resource use aligns to        a) School level goals and         a) Teacher growth supported      a) Teacher teams engage in      a) Evaluating and adjusting
instructional goals              theory of action are tracked      by effective feedback and        collaborative inquiry that      curricular and instructional
                                 for progress and accelerate       next steps from observations     supports goals and              practices based on student
b) Use of time improves
                                 student learning                  and data                         strengthens teacher             needs
instruction and challenges
students                         b) Data driven needs              b) Feedback to teachers          b) Student work/data analysis   b) Evaluating school culture
                                 assessments inform school         supports development, offers     within teams improves           and expectations to make
c) Student programs align to
                                 level goals, action plans and     trends and next steps using a    curricula, teaching and         adjustments
teacher talent and
                                 professional development          research based framework         learning
instructional goals                                                                                                                 c) Evaluating and adjusting
                                 c) Community involvement in       c) Data informed professional    c) Embedded distributed         use of resources, teacher
                                 setting school level goals and    development and                  leadership structures that      team effectiveness and
                                 action plans                      teacher/admin. performance       influence key decisions         professional development

August 2012

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