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									Annual Report                                                                                         Current Date

                                           Annual Report

                                       Fiscal Period 2012

                                   Submitted to Investors
                                    Sound Byte Music
                    (This marks the end of the cover sheet and the beginning of the annual report.)
                                            Annual Report
                                           Fiscal Period 2012
                                           Sound Byte Music

This report will present an overview of operations and a financial status report of Sound Byte

Music, a privately held company that began operations in January of 1994. This report was

Annual Report                                                                             Current Date

prepared as a result of the Annual Board of Directors Meeting held on January 5, 2013. A

2:00 p.m. meeting was held at the Sound Byte Music office, 105 South Main Street, Indianapolis.

The following board of directors was present for the annual meeting: Edward Thomas, President

and CEO; Gail Swanson, Vice President of Marketing; Ricky Hayes, Vice President of Finance;

Kathy Rivera, Treasurer; and Linda Hefferin, Acting Secretary.


Sound Byte Music is located in Indianapolis, Indiana, with fifteen full-time employees. The

company has grown from its original location on Third Street to its present location at

105 South Main Street. The current floor space occupies approximately 12,000 square feet.

Owned and operated by Edward Thomas, Sound Byte Music averaged fifteen percent growth

during its first year of operation. Its collection of tapes, CDs, and videos is one of the largest in

the Midwest. In addition to selling new products, Sound Byte Music began buying, selling, and

trading used items during 2012, a marketing strategy that has helped Sound Byte Music achieve

a high market share of the music business in Indianapolis and the surrounding area.

New Retail Store

During the fourth quarter of 2013, there are plans to open a new Indianapolis retail store in

Southside Mall. This retail store will be built adjoining a coffee shop where people can meet,

talk, and listen to music. If this idea catches on, the South Main Street store will expand and a

similar coffee shop will be added by the end of 2014.

Annual Report                                                                      Current Date

New Advertising Strategy

Sound Byte Music has managed such a high rate of growth by following an aggressive marketing

strategy. Sound Byte is currently working with the Kessler Advertising Agency to develop some

new radio advertisements. The plan is to air these 60-second radio advertisements on weekdays

during prime drive time for the first quarter of 2013. These ads will focus on the new

Southside Mall store and the adjoining coffee shop.

The following table presents a schedule for the advertising planned for 2013.

Advertising Schedule 2013
First Quarter                                               Weekday, Prime Time
Second Quarter                                              Weekend, Prime Time
Third Quarter                                               Weekday, Prime Time
Fourth Quarter                                         Weekday and Weekend, Prime Time

Annual Report                                                                         Current Date

Sales Figures for 2012

The following table presents the sales figures broken down by category for 2012:

Actual Sales by Quarter 2012
Quarter One                                                                          $1,113,456
Quarter Two                                                                           2,035,222
Quarter Three                                                                         2,778,333
Quarter Four                                                                          3,242,788

Projected Sales Figures for 2013

The following table presents the projected sales figures broken down by category for 2013:

Projected Sales by Quarter 2013
First Quarter                                                                        $2,450,000
Second Quarter                                                                        2,788,333
Third Quarter                                                                         3,022,222
Fourth Quarter                                                                        4,333,666

This report has been prepared, reviewed, and approved by the Board of Directors of Sound Byte

Music on this twenty-fourth day of January 2013.

                                                                        Respectfully submitted,


                                                               Linda Hefferin, Acting Secretary


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