Project Server Conference 2006

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					Project Server Conference 2006

Report on Key Benefits for Delta Dental
Quoc Le Carl Paul Beverly Powell Chris Custer

Quick Hits on P12
 Integration is the Main Story
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Across the Data Platform Among Reporting Tools With SharePoint and with Office 12

 Great New Features
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Example: Multi-Level Un-do
Resource Plans Proposals Centralized Scheduling Engine

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Other Key Stories
 TimeControl timesheets third-party add-in lets

Delta do allocated costs

 UMT Portfolio Management acquired by Microsoft

— permits greatly increased IT and portfolio governance services services

 IIL Training capabilities could supplement our

 Quantum PM Schedule Auditor could enhance our

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How Big is



―…is this a breadbasket or a refrigerator or is it something in between, bigger than a breadbasket, smaller than a refrigerator. Mike [Anguillo, project manager] says this is a sub zero, this is the biggest set of innovations we've done in Project in a long, long, long time. ‖
– Steve Ballmer

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Enterprise-Ready Performance
 PWA is now a SharePoint site

Improved Error logging


Dashboard can be customized at home page

 UMT Portfolio Management

Pairwise comparisons of drivers, projects, constraints


Scatter diagrams
Efficient frontier diagram

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PWA for the Enterprise
In P12, a user group can have a different look and feel applied to its PWA home page and customized by the Project Server Administrator.

Example: 1. An executive group can have its PWA site include Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for Portfolio Enterprise Projects

PM and Team members group can have their PWA site include Milestone Status reports

Note: Sharepoint Portal services and Score Card Server will need to be included with P12 in order to create KPI.

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Enterprise-Ready Performance - 2
 Architecture – new .NET middle layer

Includes timesheets that are a separate module, but which can be integrated into your accounting rules

 Support for PM Maturity Process
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Understand scheduling through visibility of actions, using multi-level undo Admin Time becomes a task itself or resource exception

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Enterprise-Ready Performance - 3
 Maintenance/Ops time is a separate task —

no Admin Plans needed!

 Integration with Outlook and other Office

tools, no ActiveX interaction needed: speeds delivery of forms to users in the formats/tools that they are used to

 Has been road-tested with huge projects
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Stryker Project 300,000 tasks 30,000 cross project links

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Enterprise-Ready Performance - 4
Project 2003
LAN Open file-1 file-2 Full save 34s 35s 22s WAN >1000s >1000s >1000s

LAN 70s 12s 22s WAN 80s 17s 22s

Assumptions: Medium project (1,800 tasks, 200 resources, 9,000 assignments). P2003 uses a terminal server across the WAN.

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Portfolio Management in P12 - 1
 The ―Proposals‖ area in PWA gives you a quick start

with a project schedule

Use before an ―official‖ project

• Costs may increase • Knowledge gained at this phase not needed for
long term

• Only need ―partial‖ schedules, as you are not
required to complete a full set of dates

• All time, all work IS tracked
 The ―TeamBuilder‖ webpart will show resource

availability, if you have permissions

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Portfolio Management in P12 - 2
 Resource Plan

New feature: FTE unit for resources


Helps track work, deliverables, assignments

 New Feature: Deliverables

Like Milestones, but independently tracked


Can be linked between projects
Not for tracking costs (done separately)

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Portfolio Management in P12 - 3
Support for Master Projects

Architecturally, Peak Load support


Real-Time reporting
Drill-in-place for sub-projects within Project Center Dependencies (live-links with drill-down) Easy integration and automation  Extend the program with unlimited custom fields

 

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Portfolio Management in P12 - 4
More support for Master Projects

Rich Events Workflow Engine


Unified SharePoint
Multiple tracking of costs with timephasing of resources, tasks, etc. Visibility and Insight tools  Enterprise reports from SQL


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P12 Timesheets - 1
 Standalone package  Different fiscal periods supported  Billable/non-billable time supported, as well as


 Maximum 24 hours per day entry per resource  Future time reporting  More timesheets views

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P12 Timesheets - 2
 Can have two tasks with the same name  Can start next week’s task this week  Can set a resource as his or her own timesheet


 Allows administrative time/calendar exceptions

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P12 Timesheets - 3
Approvals & Audits — Now possible

―Surrogate Timesheets‖  For business users — will let PM do their timesheets  For all — will allow easy vacation substitutes Closing Tasks enabled

 

Resources now have a ―Timesheets Manager‖ (does the global permissions) and a ―Default Assignments Owner‖ (progresses the tasks)

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More on P12 Timesheets
 Can bulk create (but not bulk-delete!) 52 weeks of


 Workflow-based
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Accept Reject

Administrative Time with restrictions on who approves and the effects on availability

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Answers to Our Questions
TimeControl (add-in module)
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Tracks Allocated Costs as we do

Allows import/export of Excel and flat files
Is process-oriented (customizable)


Example: rejected timesheets imports can follow a review/exception process that you design Allows procedures with vendors for faster payment and resulting discounts


Integrates with P12, Project 2003, Primavera, Mercury, and other well known PMIS packages $120 a license in volume purchases over 100


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UMT Portfolio Management

Portfolio Planner: Designed to balance and align resource utilization with business demands, while allowing the flexibility to create multiple scheduling and resource capacity scenarios Portfolio Dashboard: Designed to achieve full visibility over the status of project portfolios, enabling clients to make timely, fact-based decisions that optimize their companies' performance


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UMT Portfolio Management (continued)

Portfolio Builder: Designed as a single data-entry point to capture everything you need to know on each proposed project, from investment cost and benefits, to scope, dependencies, risk and alignment, to strategic objectives, which can then be used to generate business cases Portfolio Optimizer: Designed to assist clients in aligning their project portfolio with business strategy and in optimizing the portfolio against multiple constraints, including cost and resource (See next slide) Works with P12, Project Pro 2003, Primavera, Mercury, other PMIS packages



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UMT Portfolio Management (continued)

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Project Pro Usability
 Scheduling is more Transparent  Visibility of the effect of changes: color-coded  Task drivers: warnings re ―specialness‖ of tasks  New Templates/Visual Reports, using Excel reports with

charts and graphs for reporting

 Better data connectivity between Project Server and

Project Pro:
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Web service calls for data (v. ODBC) Incremental saves of data, even better performance Faster opening of files

 Use of local caching will improve response times

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Project Pro Usability (continued)
 More and better canned reports for Project Pro  More visual data, more easily available through

Excel charts (integration with reports)

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 Perhaps some answers  Reference materials
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Handouts from vendors and conference program DVDs are on the way

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