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					                                                             Flinders University

                                                 Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF)

                                                     Proposed Funding Priorities 2013

Set out in the table below, are the proposed list of expenditure priorities for the allocation of the Student Services and Amenities Fee for
2013. This draft budget has been compiled after submissions from Flinders University Student Association, Flinders One and various
University units responsible for the delivery of student services, amenities and transition and retention programs, with consideration of the
allowed scope of SSAF expenditure under the Higher Education Support Act 2003 (see Appendix A).

 Unit or              Program, activity or service   Brief summary of activities and programs                                  2013 Amount

 Flinders             Student Advocacy and Welfare   Funding for a free, independent and confidential Student Advocacy and         $422,000
 University Student   Services                       Welfare Service, including:
 Association                                              the employment of professional student advocacy and welfare
 (FUSA)/ Office of                                           staff who provide academic advocacy, financial assistance and
 Student                                                     counselling, Centrelink help and other welfare services for all
 Engagement                                                  students
 (OSE)                                                    funding for administrative support, infrastructure and
                                                             promotional materials for this service
                                                          funding to promote the health and welfare of all students
                                                             through on-campus and on-line education initiatives, events and

                                                     Benefits to Students:
                                                     -Students to have ongoing access to a range of independent academic
                                                     and welfare services
                                                     -Increased sense of community and levels of student awareness with
                                                     regard to health and welfare issues relevant to students, through on-
                                                     campus and on- line events and activities
FUSA/OSE   Student Engagement - General    Funding for:                                                                 $210,000
                                               the position of Manager, Student Engagement whose role is to
                                                  manage Student Advocay and Welfare services, Clubs and
                                                  Societies and Student Media and Communication and other
                                                  student engagement initiatives (includes associated operational
                                               on-campus student events/activities to enhance the student
                                                  experience and campus life/culture

                                           Benefits to Students:
                                           -Students to have access to a high quality of service provision including
                                           independent academic and welfare services, increased presence and
                                           access to clubs and societies and the increased capacity for students to
                                           have their own voice through student media (see below)
                                           -Increased community and culture on campus through regular events
                                           and activities that will build campus life and student engagement

FUSA/OSE   Significant enhancement of      Funding for:                                                                 $202,000
           funding for Student clubs and        the administration of student social and cultural clubs and
           societies                               societies
                                                club grants (semester one and two) for campus life activities
                                                   with the aim of increasing campus culture
                                                infrastructure for clubs and societies including the refurbishment
                                                   of a Meeting Room for clubs and societies

                                           Benefits to Students:
                                           -Students will have the ability to start and join more clubs and societies
                                           and therefore increase networks and connections across the University
                                           -Clubs and Societies will have access to more grants and incentives
                                           which encourage more on-campus events that all students can enjoy
                                           with the aim of creating more culture and life on campus

FUSA/OSE   Enhanced student managed-       Funding for:                                                                 $184,500
           Communication & Media to             Media Officer position to manage student media and

               improve communication to                    communication
               students and provide opportunity           the production of a monthly student publication (on-line and in
               for a greater student voice                 print) to provide a voice for students and student issues
                                                          the investment in the production of an application to enable the
                                                           publication to be read on smart phones and tablets
                                                          honorariums paid to three student editors for student publication
                                                          maintaining the FUSA website to enable improved
                                                           communication to students

                                                  Benefits to Students:
                                                  -Students will have online access to various services provided by FUSA
                                                  including events, employment, clubs, virtual noticeboard, forums etc.
                                                  -Students can contribute and enjoy a monthly student publication
                                                  ‘created by students for students’, which will enable all students to have
                                                  a voice with regard to issues that are of concern to them

OSE/FUSA       Enhanced engagement with           Funding to enable engagement with regional and remote students,              $17,000
               Regional and remote students       including provision of infrastructure (i.e. teleconferencing equipment) to
                                                  connect with rural and regional students and involve them in decision

                                                  Benefits to Students:
                                                  -Regional and remote students will have the ability to connect with other
                                                  students in other locations through teleconferencing equipment and
                                                  therefore feel more a part of the University and be involved in decision
                                                  making and other activities
                                                  -All students will be able to engage across campuses in a more effective
                                                  and productive way thereby increasing student engagement
                                                  -Increased service provision for rural and remote students

Flinders One   Improved student Food &            Funding:                                                                     $500,000
               Beverage Services on campus            to provide all students a 10% discount across all outlets that sell
                                                         food and beverages (excluding alcohol)
                                                      to enhance food and beverage facilities and capital infrastructure

                                                           to better cater for the needs of students and to increase hours of
                                                           operation where appropriate
                                                          for Minor works to enable Flinders One to undertake immediate
                                                           small capital improvements to enhance services and facilities to

                                                   Benefits to Students:
                                                   -Students to have access to discounted food and beverages on-campus
                                                   -Students to be able to utilise enhanced food and beverage services,
                                                   extended hours of trade and facilities which are modern, comfortable
                                                   and engaging

Flinders One   Enhanced sporting and other         Funding:                                                                     $160,000
               recreational activities for             to provide all students a 10% discount on personal fitness
               students to improve                        services
               opportunities for student fitness       to support the administration of sporting clubs and provision of
               and sporting activities                    grants
                                                       to provide for the administration and support of Australian
                                                          University Sport
                                                       to enhance fitness and recreational services and capital

                                                   Benefits to Students:
                                                   -Students to have access to affordable gym membership, fitness
                                                   services and enhanced facilities and equipment
                                                   -Increased access to various sporting and recreational clubs, which are
                                                   well resourced
                                                   -Increase the opportunity and support for students to be involved in
                                                   Australian University Sport

Flinders One   Student Orientation & Social               Funding to provide opportunities for students to participate in      $110,000
               Activities                                  social activities with other students, with a particular focus on
                                                           orientation week activities

                                                   Benefits to Students:

                                               -An enhanced O’Week experience through engaging activities and

Flinders One   Flinders University Fitness            One-off funding to enhance fitness and recreational facilities and   $80,000
               Centre Upgrade                          capital infrastructure to better cater for the needs of students,
                                                       including the upgrade to the women's change rooms and an
                                                       upgrade of the under croft program room into a functional fitness

                                               Benefits to Students:
                                               -Access to an improved quality of fitness services and facilities

Flinders Law   Flinders Legal Advice Clinic           To provide a legal advice clinic on-campus one day per week to       $20,200
School                                                 enable students to seek legal advice and referral in a familiar
                                                       and non-intimidating environment

                                               Benefits to Students:
                                               -Access to legal advice and referral
                                               -An opportunity for Law Students to use their knowledge and skills to
                                               assist the community and improve student learning

School of       Support for student creative          To create a gamers station in the current refectory space, where      $16,000
Humanities     and artistic activities                 students involved in the production of digital games will have the   $17,500
                                                       opportunity to have their games tested and evaluated by the
                                                       general student community
                                                      To expand provision for the display of student creative works, to
                                                       include ongoing student competitions and exhibitions

                                               Benefits to Students:
                                               -Students to have access to a central gaming area, providing the
                                               opportunity for students to connect with one another
                                               -The use of Creative Arts projects will contribute to a lively community
                                               atmosphere and communal space

Oasis                 Pastoral support                  Funding for pastoral support and student well-being activities delivered   $106,000
                                                        through Oasis.

                                                        Benefits to Students:
                                                        -Students have access to a multi-faith pastoral service
                                                        -Students to have access to a space and services and the capacity to
                                                        enhance their spiritual and personal well-being, irrespective of their
                                                        religious background

Health,               Enhance student health and        Funding for:                                                               $43,500
Counselling and       counselling services to improve       various student mental health initiatives
Disability Services   student health and well-being         engagement of a sessional psychiatrist
                                                            Disability Service promotional video
                                                            the provision of counselling services for students in regional and
                                                               remote areas
                                                            Free flu vaccination program for residents of Flinders Living

                                                        Benefits to Students:
                                                        -Regional and remote students will have access to counselling services
                                                        -Students can access a psychiatry service from Central Campus
                                                        -An impact on students wellbeing through increased awareness of
                                                        mental health issues through promotional activities and campaigns

Student Learning      Enhanced study skills support     Funding:                                                                   $235,000
Centre                for students                          for additional posts in the Student Learning Centre to provide
                                                               student skills support for students;
                                                            to enhance and extend the central academic orientation program
                                                               (EXCELerate) to support the academic preparedness of
                                                               commencing students

                                                        Benefits to Students:
                                                        -External students will have access to an online version of EXCELerate
                                                        and flexible delivery modules in Academic and Professional Numeracy
                                                        -The enhancement and extension of the EXCELerate program will
                                                      provide support for first year students regarding their academic transition
                                                      and therefore provide students with the best possible means of success

Careers and         Enhanced career services for      Funding to:                                                                   $150,000
Employer Liaison    students                           expand the delivery of the Graduate Skill Certificate by enhancing
Centre (CELC)                                            programs and activities that develop a student’s employability and
                                                         practical workplace skills and providing opportunities for students to
                                                         develop professional networks and career plans
                                                       enhance career development support for postgraduate students,
                                                         including those studying via distance education or at remote sites

                                                      Benefits to Students:
                                                      -Improved quality and access to the current careers service provision
                                                      -Assist students to be fully equipped with relevant skills and experience
                                                      to enable an effective transition to employment

Office of           Enhanced professional                    Funding to improve external research higher degree                    $54,000
Graduate            development program for                   student’s access to the University’s Professional
Research            external research higher degree           Development Program (PDP).
                                                      Benefits to Students:
                                                      -External students have access to extra, more individualised support ,
                                                      which will include an increase in online material
                                                      -Further development of support courses for rural and remote students
                                                      who cannot attend an induction
                                                      -Online materials will be developed in FLO, where external students can
                                                      interact with each other and provide a student support network

Transition Office   Transition-to-university          Funding for the development of a transition-to-university survival/support    $87,500
                    survival/support web-site         website

                                                      Benefits to Students:
                                                      -First year students have access to effective support with regards to their
                                                      transition to University
                                                -Assist first year students to cultivate a sense of identification and
                                                belonging to the University
                                                -First year students have access to an online program to increase and
                                                encourage engagement

Office of the   Enhanced Central, Faculty and   Funding:                                                                       $730,000
Deputy Vice-    School based transition,            to support enhanced School-based academic orientation,
Chancellor      orientation and retention              transition and retention programs;
(Academic)      programs                            to support enhanced central transition and retention programs

                                                Benefits to Students:
                                                -Students will receive support with orientation and transition to University
                                                -First year students whom may at risk of failing will be identified and
                                                -First year students will have access to academic counselling and
                                                pastoral support

                                                               Appendix A

           Allowed Amenities and Services as provided for under Section (19-38) of the Higher Education Support Act 2003

Clause (4) specifies the following allowable services and amenities that the fee can be expended on:

a) providing food or drink to students on a campus of the higher education provider;

b) supporting a sporting or other recreational activity by students;

c) supporting the administration of a club most of whose members are students;

d) caring for children of students;

e) providing legal services to students;

f) promoting the health or welfare of students;

g) helping students secure accommodation;

h) helping students obtain employment or advice on careers;

i) helping students with their financial affairs;

j) helping students obtain insurance against personal accidents;

k) supporting debating by students;

l) providing libraries and reading rooms (other than those provided for academic 
purposes) for students;

m) supporting an artistic activity by students;

n) supporting the production and dissemination to students of media whose content is 
provided by students;

o) helping students develop skills for study, by means other than undertaking courses 
of study in which they are enrolled;
p) advising on matters arising under the higher education provider’s rules (however 

q) advocating students’ interests in matters arising under the higher education provider’s rules (however described);

r) giving students information to help them in their orientation;

s) helping meet the specific needs of overseas students relating to their welfare, 
accommodation and employment.


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