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Online database guide by owen213


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Online database guide
Hospitality and Tourism Index
This is a bibliographic database covering scholarly research and industry news relating to all areas of
hospitality and tourism. Coverage is from 1965-and includes some full-text articles.

Subject coverage
            Business travel                      Hospitality law           Statistics
            Culinary arts                        Hotel management          Tourism
           Food & beverage                       Leisure travel

Getting started
     Go to studentcentral at
     Select the Online Library tab
     From the Online Library page select Online Databases
     Select Hospitality & Tourism Index

For off-campus access, use your University of Brighton username and password.

Searching Hospitality & Tourism Index
     Select Hospitality & Tourism
     Index from the list of databases
     Click on Continue to Search.
     The database defaults to Quick
     Search which enables you to search
     by author, title or keyword.
     Type a phrase or keyword into the
     search box.
     If necessary, use the boxes to select
     limits for your search and/or enter a
     date range.
     Press Search

Last updated October 2009                                                               Author Ian Cordell
Information Services documents are online at:
Advanced search
To make your search more specific
e.g. theme parks and Disney, select
and from the drop-down menu. To
exclude a search term e.g. theme
parks but not Disney, select not. To
broaden your search e.g. theme parks or Disney, select or.

Use the drop-down menus to specify particular database fields and/or publication and document type.

Use Wildcard symbols to improve your search. The * key will search for any number of characters, e.g.
use comput* for computing, computer, etc. The ? key substitutes a single letter, e.g. organi?ation will
retrieve both organisation and organization.

Viewing and Marking search results
    Click on the article title to display the abstract and reference. To display the list of citations for a
    particular article, select the Cited References link and to view these records, mark the
    checkboxes and select the Related Records link.
    If available, select the Linked Full Text option to download the article.
    Select Result List to return to the main search results page
    To mark a record, select the Add to Folder icon.
    Select the View Folder icon at the top of the screen to display the contents of your folder.

Print/Save/Email results
Select the View Folder icon at the top of the screen to display the contents of your folder and select
the appropriate icon to print, save or email your marked list.

Indexes/ Thesaurus
These options either display an alphabetical list of all the entries that occur within a particular database
field eg. author, journal name, geographic term [Index] or an alphabetical list of assigned subject terms
[Thesaurus]. These terms can then be entered into the search box.

Logging out
Close the browser to end your session.

EndNote with Hospitality & Tourism Index
There is an import option available for EndNote. The filter is called Business Source Premier
(EBSCO). Further information is available from our Using EndNote with Databases web page at:

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