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					Lec 2: More Advanced
   Commands (Ch3)
         AutoCAD on Campus
• Four copies in Back Row of BC208 Lab
  –   Business/Computer science building, 2nd floor
  –   4 computers on left side of row
  –   Hours: 8:30 AM to 10PM Mon-Thur
  –   Log in engr2, mpcls drop box is available
• One copy in LS103 (Look for CRT display)
  – Open 8am – 8 pm usually
• Four copies in PS205, back wall, on right
               Next Week
• Bring in a #2 pencil (or mechanical)
• Eraser
• Straight Edge
• Hints on Assignment 1
  – Scaling linetype
• Practice using OSNAP
  – Angle Bisectors, Perpendicular Bisectors
• Work on Problems Ex-1 and Ex-3
• Grips: Move/Rotate/Scale/Mirror
• Adding text
  – Blocks and Layers
  – Title Blocks and Attributes
• Each drawing must have your name in it
• I will grade only 1 exercise each week
   – Picked at random
• Put all your files into a folder called
   –   A2YourName (where 2 is the assign #)
   –   Compress the folder (.zip file)
   –   Drop into Drop Box
   –   Also Print Each Drawing in B&W, staple, hand in
• Late homework 30% off
       Hints on Assignment 1
• Check A1.doc download for hints to last
  weeks assignment
• Some practice time
  – (advanced students can read through OSNAP
    description and start on assignment 2)
• Linetype Scale
LineType Scale (use on Ex 2-15)
• Centerline dashes are too small for mm units
• Example:
  • Set up mm drawing, 240x180 limit, zoom all
  • Draw a large circle in center
  • Bring up dimension toolbar
     – Dimension Style > Modify > Symbols and Arrows
     – Choose Center Line, OK, draw center mark…look good?
  • To Fix
     –   Format>LineTypes>Show Details> Global Scale Factor = 20
     –   Go back to Dimension Style and Change Center Line Size =2
     –   Retry…should look better
     –   Change circle line property to CenterLine…should be OK too
     OSNAP—life made easy
• We have SNAP…locks cursor onto grid pts
• OSNAP locks cursor onto object parts
  – Endpoint (of line), Center (of circle), etc etc
• Turn ON: click OSNAP
• Modify: R-click OSNAP> settings
  – Check box you wish to use
  – Click Options and slider lets you set pull in range
• Better: Activate Object Snap toolbar
           OSNAP Endpoint
• Endpoint– (turn OFF Grid and Snap)
  – draw line (enter), another line, hover by end
  – click when symbol appears
  – Draw line
• Endpoint extension—
  – Start Line, hover over endpoint to lock on
  – Drag cursor away along extension…dashed line
  – Type in distance and draw line
         OSNAP Snap From
• Lets you move or resize easily
• Click on line, click on blue midpoint
  – Drag to move line, click to anchor
• Click on line, click on blue endpoint
  – Lets you move line’s endpoint
• Circle: Lets you move center or resize radius
   OSNAP Midpoint & Intersection
• Draw a circle centered at the midpoint of a line
  – OSNAP Settings, check Midpoint
  – Start circle, hover near midpoint of line, click and draw

• Draw an ellipse: Start with thisà
  – Construct rectangle, bisecting lines
  – Ellipse, click left side midpt, then
    right…bottom then top
 OSNAP – Apparent Intersection
• Draw a circle at the apparent
  Intersection of 2 lines
  – Draw the 2 lines
  – Click circle, click on snap to intersection
     • Click on 1st line, click on 2nd, circle center is placed
      OSNAP – Perpendicular
• Draws a line perpendicular to another
  – Draw line, start another
  – Click snap perp, click on 1st line
     • Move mouse to desired position
       Perpendicular Bisector
• Draw line1. Draw Line 2
  using OSNAP Perp
  anywhere on line1. Enter.
• Click on line2, then the
  blue center point
             Other OSNAP
• Center (of a circle)
• Nearest (can’t figure out!)
• Tangent
• Every drawing should have your name in it!
• Single Line—text option on draw menu
  – Specify start, height, rotation angle
• Multi Line—text option on draw toolbar
  – Lets you select a region where text will be
  – Dialogue to format, etc.
• The dots that appear when you click on an
  – Can extend lines, move,
  – Rotate, scale, mirror

• See p78-81
• Let you save complex shapes for reuse later
• Create-block on draw toolbar
  – Select object, name it, pick point, OK
• Insert-block on draw toolbar
  – Select name of object, position object in
           We are skipping
• Layers, splines, polylines
• Ogee curve, parabola, hyperbola, spiral,
• Feel free to explore Chapter 3 on your own
               Next Week
• Bring in a #2 pencil (or mechanical)
• Eraser
• Straight Edge

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