School District Budgets and Funding Sources by owen213


									School District Budgets and Funding Sources

         Operational                           Capital                  Instructional Materials               Transportation                    Federal funding              Outside funding sources
       (State funding,                     (State funding)                  (State funding)                   (State funding)
     temporary federal               Principally funded through:       Principally funded through:      Principally funded through:        Principally funded through:      Principally funded through:
         assistance)                 •    Voter-approved bond          •    State instructional         •    State school transportation   •    Federal government          •    Booster clubs
 Principally funded through:              issues                            materials funds                  funds                                                          •    PTA’s / PTO’s
                                     •    SB-9 mill levy for                                                                               Pays for:                        •    Grants
 •    SEG - State Equalization
                                          maintenance and              Pays for:                        Pays for:                          •   Programs to support low-     •    Education Foundation
      Guarantee (funding
                                          technology                   •   Approved textbooks           •   School buses, drivers,             income and other at-risk     •    Sandoval County
      formula), temporarily
                                     •    State matching funds for     •   Approved workbooks and           staff, and other expenses          students                     •    Activity funds
      supplemented with federal
                                          school construction              other supplements or             related to transporting        •   Federal school meal          •    Business donations
      stimulus funds
                                     •    Legislative appropriations       materials used in lieu of        students to and from               programs                     •    Parent fees and donations
 •    (Rarely) other direct
                                                                           textbooks                        school                         •   Certain special education
      legislative appropriations
                                     Pays for:                         •   Instructional software       •   Does not include buses for         services                     Pays for:
 Pays for: teaching and learning     •   New school construction                                            extracurricular activities     •   Certain bilingual and ELL    •   Expenses and travel for
 and support for schools,            •   Major additions and                                                and field trips                    services                         some extracurricular
 including                               renovations to existing                                                                           •   Certain federal No Child         activities, field trips, etc.
 •    Salaries                           buildings and campuses                                                                                Left Behind mandates for     •   Some expenses for
 •    Benefits                       •   Real estate (land for                                                                                 schools in need of               Research (science) EXPO,
 •    Utilities                          schools)                                                                                              improvement                      fine arts, athletics, etc.
 •    Property/liability insurance   •   Technology infrastructure                                                                                                          •   Specific programs/projects
 •    Supplies and materials             and hardware                                                                                                                       •   Before- and after-school
 •    Professional development       •   Furniture, fittings, and                                                                                                               programs
 •    Ongoing maintenance and            equipment for new schools                                                                                                          •   Tutoring
      building operations            •   Activity buses                                                                                                                     •   Some books/materials
 •    Substitutes                                                                                                                                                           •   Some professional
 •    Some travel                                                                                                                                                               development and travel
 •    Some athletics expenses                                                                                                                                               •   Some athletics expenses

 By law, money cannot be transferred from the instructional materials, transportation, and capital budgets to the operational budget in order to cover operational expenses such as salaries, utilities
 and insurance. However, expense overages in most funding sources can be covered by operational funds if there is extra operational money available. Federal and outside funds generally can be
 used only for those areas designated in federal regulation or by the provider of the outside funding.

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