How to Run a Great Capernaum Club Seminar – Food Food Pizza by qingyunliuliu


									                     How to Run a Great Capernaum Club Seminar – Food

   - Pizza is always a good bet. Most everyone likes it and it is fairly cheap.
   - Chips and sides are a good thing, but are not necessary. If you do not do a big dish like
      pizza, then I would definitely have sides.
   - Desserts are a special treat, but just make sure you are careful to watch that no one only
      eats the dessert, or that no one eats too much of the dessert. We usually only have
      enough cookies for everyone to have around 2.
   - Drinks – Soda is ok, but make sure that you have some options that are not caffeinated
      (juices, water, etc). People always forget cups and ice…just make sure someone is
      bringing them.
   - Other Supplies – Make sure you have a big enough trash can, or a few trash cans for
      everyone’s trash once they are done. Paper plates, napkins, and plastic silverware are all
      important as well.

Who Should Bring the Food?
  - Try to delegate…
         o Set up a sign up sheet for parents, home groups, small groups, and other people
            from the community so that they can sign up to bring stuff.
                 People are looking for ways to serve. Don’t prevent them from being able
                    to do this.

How Long Should You Eat?
  - Anywhere from 20 minutes – 40 minutes. This is a great time to socialize and for kids to
     meet other kids and really connect. This is also a great time for leaders and buddies to
     make sure they go around to eat kid to welcome them to club.

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