Draft of Press Release 1 (2nd version) by ProactiveDC


									TITLE: Littleton and Lakewood Colorado Chiropractor Offers Residents A "Golden Treat" Before Halloween

SUMMARY: Dr. Leif Stephens, a chiropractor in the Littleton and Lakewood Colorado area, offers first time visitors a "golden treat" discount in honor of the Denver Broncos throwback uniforms.

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BODY: Lakewood, CO -- Dr. Leif Stephens, a Doctor of Chiropractic in the area of Littleton and Lakewood Colardo, announced today that he is offering a discount of nearly 90% on "First Day Services" in honor of the Denver Broncos gold throwback uniforms displayed this past weekend. The discount allows first time visitors to Proactive Chiropractic to obtain all of the first day services (X-ray, evaluation, report of findings, insurance verification, and consultation) for just $25; and the promotion lasts through October 30, 2009. "With the amount of publicity generated by the Denver Broncos 'throwback' gold uniforms, combined with Halloween soon approaching, I want to give all adults a 'treat' before Halloween arrives. I, therefore, decided to give local residents and Broncos fans an incentive to visit Proactive Chiropractic. The first time visitor to our offices will be given a significant discount for the complete array of First Day Services." "Residents in the Littleton, Lakewood, and the surrounding areas now have an early 'Halloween golden treat' discount which can help them get rid of aches and pains and have more energy." Interested parties may visit the website at http://www.ProactiveDC.com or call (303) 980-5699 for more information. Media inquiries may do the same or they can visit http://www.proactivedc.com/about.

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