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									Press release

Aries Propulsion Research Labs enters the “Space Race”.

APR Labs recently announced its innovative new propulsion technology that will
revolutionize the space exploration and space tourism industries (the “space race”). This
new propulsion technology is based on a recently published patent 20060230847 created
by propulsion designer Chris B. Hewatt and licensed to APR Labs for design and
production in early 2006.

Aries Propulsion Research Labs (APR Labs) is one of today’s leaders in propulsion
systems engineering. Specializing in the design and testing of hydrogen peroxide
(H2O2) gas generators, catalyst beds, nozzle designs, and H2O2 distillation methods and
now with its new proprietary propulsion designs, APR Labs is sure to advance quickly in
space exploration and space tourism industries. With the advancements of
monopropellant and bipropellant fuel systems, our engine and nozzle designs have
become more stabilized and increasingly environmentally friendly. APR Labs has been
working to create innovative propulsion systems since the late 90’s and continues to be
innovative in the design and testing of the next generation of space propulsion systems.

APR Labs has labeled this new technology omni-directional propulsion (ODP) due to its
unique properties of being able to change its direction of movement 360 degrees
instantaneously unlike rocket propulsion. Another unique property of this new form of
propulsion is that it does not vent to its external environment to create movement so there
is no heat/thrust discharge like typical rocket propulsion engines. Preliminary tests of
this new propulsion design have produced better than expected TPR results and should
allow direct ascents without the aid of a winged fuselage. Within the next 12 months
APR Labs will begin testing its design on watercraft and shortly thereafter begin
unmanned direct ascent testing. More information can be found at and

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