Customer Support Workflow Diagram by pram542

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									                                  Customer Support Workflow Diagram

                                            Type Of                 Billing
    Start: Customer
                                            Support                                Billing Support
    Submits Support
                                            Needed:                                    Workflow
                                        Technical / Billing

                                                                               Go To "Billing" Internal REI
FIRST: Go To REItheme Members                     Technical                     Theme Training Page For
            Support                                                           Solutions To Common Billing
FAQ and Members Training Videos                                                        Problems:
              at:             Technical Support         
    If not found there, go to:

SECOND: Go to internal REI Theme
         Training Area at:
                                                                         NO                           YES
                                   Forward unsolved
                           NO      Technical Support                                     Send customer the
                                                                Forward customers       solution, be cheerful,
             Solution              Issue to our main
                                                                     email to           close support ticket,
             Found?                   Tech expert:
                                                             archive customer
                                                                 for the answer.           support email.
                                                               Admin will provide
                                   Ben will provide              answer to you.
       Send customer the
                                    answer to you.            Forward to customer
      solution, be cheerful,                                                             END: End billing
                                 Forward to customer             and place that
      close support ticket,                                                              support workflow
                                    and place that                answer in the
        archive customer
                                     answer in the             REItheme internal
         support email.
                                  REItheme training             training area for
                                    area for future             future reference.

                        END: End
                    technical support                             REI Theme Support Info:
                                                                  - Members Support:

                                                                  - Internal Training

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