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									TC402; Spring Quarter 2008 Graded Assignment #3

Instructor: Tracey Ann Freel

The only persons who may live in your unit are those listed on your lease. Only one family is allowed in each unit.

You are welcome to have guests, however, their stay should be limited to one (1) week. If there are extenuating circumstances, please discuss them with management. Any guests visiting you are expected to be a “Good Neighbor” as a guest in your home. You will be responsible for the conduct of your guest(s).

The Bigtown Housing Authority (BHA) does not charge for repairs or replacements in units when such services are due to normal wear and tear. If, however, there is evidence of negligence or abuse on the part of the resident, a charge is made for repairs and replacements. A schedule of services for which you may be charged is posted in each of the management offices. Repair charges and replacements under $25.00 are due and payable with rent at the management office. Charges over $25.00 may be paid over a period of time approved by management. Employees who make the repairs or replacements are not authorized to collect or accept your money for services rendered. Residents are expected to maintain the appliances they own, including services and repairs.

Your monthly rent covers normal services on your Unit. If, however, you desire to have minor modifications done to your unit, you would need prior approval, and your rent account would be charged appropriately for the type and amount of service completed. For example, if you wish to install a window air conditioning unit in your unt, you would need prior approval from the management office before you purchase the unit, and there are certain prerequisites for the air conditioning unit and unit that would need to be met before the air conditioning unit could be installed.

You are responsible for your personal property. The BHA., its agents, and its employees cannot assume responsibility for loss of, or damage to property that belongs to the resident or resident’s family members. Once you move out of a BHA unit and have returned the unit keys, we can assume no responsibility for personal property left in the unit. The BHA will dispose of any personal property (furniture, appliances, etc.) that is left for more than ten (10) days by the Tenant.

SECURITY DEPOSITSTenant agrees to pay a security deposit in the amount specified in the lease.
Bigtown Housing Authority (BHA) uses the security deposit at the termination of this lease toward reimbursement of the cost of cleaning and repairing of any damage beyond normal wear and tear to the unit caused by Tenant, family members, and guests. The security deposit can also be used towards nonpaid rent or other charges owed by Tenant. Bigtown Housing Authority will refund to the Tenant any

TC402; Spring Quarter 2008 Graded Assignment #3

Instructor: Tracey Ann Freel

unused amount of the security deposit within thirty (30) days after the move out—provided the Tenant has given the BHA. a written statement of intent to vacate in accordance with the lease. NO REFUND WILL BE MADE UNLESS THE TENANT HAS GIVEN FIFTEEN (15) DAYS NOTICE IN WRITING.

Every year you will be asked to fill out a form to give the most current information on income and family member status. Your rent will be adjusted according to the findings on the form and after verification from employers. Should your income change during the year, it must be reported to the management office so that an adjustment can be made.

Transfers are not made often. There are cases that may come to our attention from time to time, which will merit special consideration. Special consideration will only be given when the situation involving the resident affects a major portion of the development’s population or when management feels it is in the best interest of the community.

DEFROSTING REFRIGERATORS: Do not use ice picks, knives, or other sharp objects to pry ice from the freezer compartment, As this will damage the freezer coils. If damage occurs as a result of the resident using a sharp object, a minimum of $200.00 will be charged for the repair of the refrigerator. TO DEFROST: Turn off the refrigerator and open both doors.

Rent will be charged until unit keys are returned to the management office.

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