Swords - DOC by gabyion


In this guide I’ve compared the swords in the game and how useful they are, I’ll give my opinion at the end but it’s just mine and therefore doesn’t mean your supposed to use the one I think is best. In any case this isn’t really a good article but whatever works right?. Kokiri Sword - Your only sword as a kid, weak Master Sword - Powerful and light so you can use your shield Goron Sword - This is a huge sword that you can’t use a shield with and it breaks. Overall I found that the Master Sword was the best sword because the Goron sword breaks easily and costs 200 rupees and dispite it’s strength you get no shield and it breaks in like 5 hits. I bought 2 goron swords the whole game and haven’t bought a new one since so I figure that the Master Sword is best. Written by Cheebo(cheebo@zonked.com)

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