Setting the Standards

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					Setting the Standards

Season 2009/10

Achievements season 2008/09 Influx of new players - circa 45 players competing in 4 divisions. Re-development of Pitch 1 – permission approved for railing. Promotion for two teams within the senior section Upgrade of clubhouse – training equipment Increase in club profile – standards.

Player Obligations season 2008/09
Insurance fees: 50 euro per player. Registration Fees 10 euros – includes registration to the LSL & membership of Swords Celtic FC. Fees must be paid before a player can play any games, competitive or otherwise. All new players will have 4 training sessions or two weeks, in which to register. Any player who has not paid after this time will not be insured and will not be allowed to participate in any activities associated with Swords Celtic FC. Match fees will be 10 euro per player, this must be paid prior to match taken place. Any player who has not paid the fee will not be deemed available for selection. Any player who does not participate in the match will be entitled to a refund of 5 euro.

Player Obligations season 2008/09
A copy for the insurance conditions will be issued to all players; it is responsibility of the player to make sure that he/she understands all aspects that are covered under the policy. A physiotherapist will be provided by the club for any injuries incurred by a player while playing for Swords Celtic FC. Attendance will be every Tuesday at the Swords Celtic clubhouse. No player will be deemed “fit to play” a match unless otherwise declared fit by the physiotherapist. Players who partake in the use of the VHI clinics for any injuries incurred will be subsidies by Swords Celtic up to a third of the fee incurred. Players are responsible for all fines incurred during the course of the season. A player is not eligible to play for Swords Celtic until the fine is paid.

Player Obligations season 2008/09
All players shall undertake to train on a regular basis. Any player, who does not train during the course of a week, will not be deemed eligible for selection. Exceptions will be accepted, providing a player gives one weeks notice to the management team. Team selection will be posted on the notice board every Thursday, players who do not attend Thursday’s training session must contact the management team directly to finalise arrangements. No player/person may vote on the running of the senior section unless they are a member of Swords Celtic FC. Membership entitles a member to one vote at any AGM/EGM meetings organised by the committee.

Team Schedule season 2009/10 Team Premier Sunday 3 Sunday 1C Saturday 3A Saturday Kick Off Sharing with 2:30 2:30 2:30 2:30 3 Sunday Location Balheary Res

Premier Sunday Balheary Res 3A Saturday 1C Saturday Balheary Res Balheary Res

Team Entry schedule season 2009/10 Team Premier Sunday 3 Sunday 1C Saturday 3A Saturday League League League League Competition 1 O`Reilly Cup Lynch Cup Joe Tynan Cup Tom Watt Cup Competition 2 Polikoff Cup* Leinster Junior Shield* Leinster Junior Cup*

* Denotes club competitions

Training schedule season 2009/10 Pre-season training commences 2nd July 2009 Martin O` Hanlon will be responsible for providing a sixweek fitness schedule. All players must wear appropriate team wear i.e. black shorts, black socks ,plain green t-shirt & shin guards. Training starts at 8:00 Sharp Players will be assessed on a on-going basis The aim of all players should be to aspire to play at the highest level possible

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