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									                                15-17 November 2009, Harrogate, UK
          – best practice and innovation in the creation and support of small businesses world-wide
                                                                                     Innovation, incubation, networks & knowledge transfer
    Advancing entrepreneurship education and training                                Management, environmental & global growth issues
    Business creation & development - stimulating start-ups                          Supporting small business development world-wide
    Community, ethnic, minority, rural and social enterprises                        Venture capital, business angels, finance & taxation
    Developing enterprise in emerging & transition economies                         Women's enterprise and family business development
    E-business, e-learning, e-mailing and website marketing                          Youth enterprise support programmes world-wide

                           WELCOME MESSAGES
                           Government         – Lord Mandelson, First Secretary of State for Business Innovation & Skills
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   Lord Mandelson
                           Sponsor      – Mark Robson, International Trade Director UK Trade & Investment, Yorkshire & the Humber
                           Yorkshire is a hugely enterprising place, home to many great and innovative businesses, so it is
                           fitting that Yorkshire is host to the first International Enterprise Promotion Convention.
                           In my role as Trade Director for the Yorkshire region I meet with a wide range of businesses
                           succeeding overseas. We sell everything from tea to China, to research excellence in materials to
                           major US corporations and from huge steel castings that would barely fit in the convention centre
                           to legal services. Success is about having great products and services, good management and
                           access to finance, but behind this sits good advice and support across the board.
                           In the UK we celebrate great advice and support through The Queen’s Award for Enterprise
                           Promotion and, as the agent for The Queen’s Awards in Yorkshire, I am delighted that so many
                           winners from around the UK will be attending this convention

    Mark Robson
                           Harrogate MP – Phil Willis, Member of Parliament for Harrogate & Knaresborough
                           As the Chair of the House of Commons Select Committee for Science & Technology I know just
                           how important the process of creating and developing a new business is to the economy. This is
                           particularly true of those businesses based on advanced technology and scientific research. I
                           therefore endorse the objectives of this Convention to share experience and promote best
                           practice between the many individuals and organisations that promote and support enterprise in
                           all sectors of the economy around the world.
                           In my role as the Member of Parliament for Harrogate & Knaresborough and as a former Chair of
                           the HIC I am naturally delighted that this new Convention is being held in the Harrogate
                           International Centre. This Centre has the best combination of conference and exhibition facilities
                           together with numerous nearby hotels and restaurants compared with anywhere else in the UK if
                           not the world. I welcome you all to this convention and to the Harrogate district; the jewel in the
                           Yorkshire crown!
     Phil Willis
                           Chairman       – David Irwin, Partner, Irwin Grayson Associates, former Chief Executive, DTI Small
                           Business Service 2000-2002. (QAEP 2009)
                           New and growing businesses are vital to economic growth and innovation. Many people round
                           the world are engaged in promoting enterprise and supporting entrepreneurs and there are some
                           exciting programmes. There seems to be a tendency amongst practitioners, however, not to
                           shout about their success, perhaps because they don't recognise the scale of their success or
                           because they don't believe that what they are doing is any different to anyone else.
                           Better sharing of lessons would enable practitioners to replicate successful approaches and
                           allow many more entrepreneurs to be supported. And so providing a forum where practitioners
                           can share lessons from their own work and seek new ideas from their peers is the purpose of
                           this first International Enterprise Promotion Convention. I do hope that you will be able to join us
                           and I greatly look forward to welcoming you personally to Harrogate.
     David Irwin           Organiser – Brian L Dunsby, Principal, Perlex Associates, former Chief Executive Institute of
                           Business Advisers 1992-2000 (QAEP 2008)
                           The current economic crisis has highlighted the importance of creating many more small
                           businesses with a sound financial foundation, proper management controls and strong support
                           services. This Convention will bring together the many organisations in the UK and
                           internationally that specialise in helping individuals to start their own business and then guiding
                           them through the initial development phase to a secure trading position in their own Country and
                           onward into the global marketplace.
                           This is a unique opportunity for all business advisers, coaches, consultants, counsellors,
                           educators, facilitators, financiers, mentors, networkers, teachers and trainers to promote their
                           own successes and to network with like-minded specialists in enterprise creation and
                           development from all around the world. This new event will also be an opportunity for many
                           overseas delegates to exchange views and learn about best practice in enterprise promotion.
    Brian Dunsby

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15-17 November 2009, Harrogate, UK

       Sunday 15th November                          Monday 16th November                       Tuesday 17th November
                                                                     Check-in and                                 Check-in open
     10.00      Convention Check-in opens         08.00                                        08.00
                                                                Enterprise Expo open                          Enterprise Expo open
                      Enterprise Expo                            Session 3 – Parallel                         Session 7 – Parallel
 10.00-12.00                                   09.00-10.30                                  09.00-10.30
                          setting-up                          Workshop Presentations                           Workshop Debates
                  Informal Networking &                           Refreshment break                             Refreshment break
                                               10.30-11.00                                  10.30-11.00
                    Internet Café opens                         Enterprise Expo open                         Enterprise Expo closes
                  Auditorium Foyer Level 5                       Session 4 – Parallel                        Session 8 – PLENARY
                                               11.00-12.30                                  11.00-12.30
                  Refreshments available                      Workshop Presentations                        Enterprising Inspiration
                        Buffet Lunch                                 Buffet Lunch                              Convention closes
 12.30-14.00                                   12.30-14.00                                  12.30-13.00
                  Enterprise Expo opens                         Enterprise Expo open                          Packed lunches to go
                                                               Session 5 – PLENARY
                  Session 1 – PLENARY
                                                                  Entrepreneurship            OPTIONAL AFTERNOON TOURS
 14.00-15.30        Enterprise Support         14.00-15.30
                                                                 Education Policy &           a. University Business School
                     Policy & Practice
                                                                                              b. Start-up & Incubation Centre
                     Refreshment break                            Refreshment break           c. Colleges & High Schools
 15.30-16.00                                   15.30-16.00
                   Enterprise Expo open                         Enterprise Expo open

                    Session 2 – Parallel                         Session 6 – Parallel
 16.00-17.30                                   16.00-17.30                                             ENTERPRISE EXPO
                 Workshop Presentations                       Workshop Presentations

                Networking & Internet Café                   Networking & Internet Café       A display of publications, software,
 17.30-18.30                                   17.30-18.30
                   Check-in closes 18.30                        Check-in closes 18.30         training programmes, financial and
                                                                                              other consultancy services for
                                                              Global Entrepreneurship         small business intermediaries and
                  International Welcome        17.30-18.30 Week Launch Reception              business-to-business networking
                    Reception & Buffet                              (By Invitation)           groups will be open from 12.30
 18.30-20.30                                                                                  Sunday 15th until 11.00 Tuesday
                         Royal Hall
                                                              Groups’ Own Night Out           17th in the catering area in Hall D.
                                                                in several local Hotels

PLENARY SESSIONS - Topics & Speakers
Enterprise Support Policy & Practice - Sunday 14.00-15.30
  G Senior Government Minister - Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (TBC)
  G Peter Ibbetson, Chairman - Small Businesses, Royal Bank of Scotland Group
  G Mark Robson, International Trade Director, UK Trade & Investment - Yorkshire & the Humber (Chair)
  G Prof John Thompson, Professor of Entrepreneurship, The Business School, University of Huddersfield (QAEP 2009)
  G Nick Taylor, Urban Renaissance Manager, Scarborough - Enterprising Britain Award 2008 & European Enterprise Award 2009

Entrepreneurship Education Policy & Practice - Monday 14.00-15.30
  G Prof Alan Barrell, Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge (QAEP 2005)
  G Prof Allan Gibb, Former Director, Small Business Centre, University of Durham (QAEP 2009)
  G Prof David Kirkby, Dean, Faculty of Business Administration, The British University in Egypt, Cairo (QAEP 2006)
  G Prof Ken O' Neill, Prof of Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development, University of Ulster (QAEP 2005) (Chair)

Enterprising Inspiration - Tuesday 11.00-12.30
  G Deidre Bounds, World's #1 Seven Step Transformational Coach, Best Selling Author of "Fulfilled - A personal Revolution in 7 Steps",
  G Rachel Elnaugh, Award Winning Entrepreneur, Speaker, Mentor, Business Consultant and Author
  G Doug Richard, Author of the Richard Report on Small Business & Government; School for Start-ups, Cambridge (QAEP 2006)
  G Caroline Theobald, Managing Director, Bridge Club Ltd., Chief Conversationalist, Connect North East (QAEP 2007) (Chair)

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Workshop Themes & Topics
These participative Workshops will be led by Partner Organisations and facilitated by specialists in each subject who will highlight
recent experiences in the field and stimulate discussion and debate on the practical and policy implications of presentations of
best practice in enterprise promotion from all around the world. For this reason all presentations are limited to 15 minutes.

                                         A - Advancing entrepreneurship education and training world-wide
                                           A1 Entrepreneurship and enterprise education policy and strategy
                                           A2 Entrepreneurship education and graduate enterprise experiences
                                           A3 Enterprise education methods and experiential learning – case studies
                                           A4 Business games and enterprise simulations for schools and colleges
     David             David Gibson        A5 Training of entrepreneurs and small business owners and managers
                                         Partner: EEUK- Enterprise Educators UK
                                         Facilitator: Prof. David Brooksbank, Director of Enterprise, Cardiff School of Management, UWIC
                                         Facilitator: David Gibson, Head of Enterprise Education, Queens University, Belfast

                                         B - Business creation and development - stimulating start-ups
                                           B1 Business birth-rate strategy as part of economic development policy
                                           B2 Stimulating start-ups and helping unemployed to become self-employed
                                           B3 Managed workspaces with supporting services for small start-ups             

                                           B4 Encouraging enterprise amongst mature entrepreneurs
 Terry Owens         Charles Hadock
                                           B5 Cultural and creative industries – developing personal skills into businesses
                                         Partners: NFEA, enterprise in action + ACT, network for enterprise support professionals
                                         Facilitator: Terry Owens, Founder, Inbiz Ltd, Middlesbrough (QAEP 2007)          
                                         Facilitator: Charles Hadcock, Chair, Creative Lancashire (QAEP 2007)

                                         C - Community, ethnic, minority, rural and social enterprises
                                           C1 Social and community enterprise development in depressed areas     
                                           C2 Encouraging enterprise in rural communities & disadvantaged groups
                                           C3 Ethnic and minority enterprise development + benefits of global linkages
                                           C4 Corporate social, environmental and ethical responsibility in small businesses
 Charlotte Young      Sikander Badat       C5 Integrating informal businesses into the mainstream of society
                                         Partners: Co-operatives UK & Asian Business Development Network
                                         Facilitator: Charlotte Young, Chair, The School for Social Entrepreneurs, London (QAEP 2009)
                                         Facilitator: Sikander Badat, Head of Special Projects, Regeneration Dept, Bolton (QAEP 2005)

                                         D – Developing enterprise in emerging and transition economies
                                           D1 Creating and supporting small businesses in developing economies
                                           D2 Entrepreneurship and SME development in developing economies
                                           D3 Micro-finance and other novel financial initiatives in developing economies
                                           D4 International aid agencies supporting development of entrepreneurship
                                           D5 Climate change – opportunity or threat for developing economies?
 Dr Tim Williams     Marielou Guerrero
                                         Partners: Commonwealth Secretariat (TBC); WASME World Association For SMEs;
                                         Facilitator: Dr Tim Williams, Head, Enterprise & Agriculture Section, Commonwealth Secretariat (TBC)
                                         Facilitator: Marielou Guerrero MBE, Past-President, World Association for SMEs, Gibraltar (TBC)

                                         E - E-business, e-learning, e-mailing and website marketing
                                           E1 E-business development and implementation in a global economy
                                           E2 E-learning, pod casting, technology transfer and digital support networks
                                           E3 E-mailing and improving customer relationship management on-line
                                           E4 Web site marketing and optimisation techniques for small businesses
James Murray Wells        Zulf Ali         E5 Transition to a knowledge-based economy – best practices in ICT
                                         Partner: e-skills UK - The Sector Skills Council for Business & Information Technology
                                         Facilitator: Jamie Murray Wells, Founder & Executive Chairman, Glasses Direct, London (QAEP 2009)
                                         Facilitator: Zulf Ali, Managing Director, Zentek Solutions Limited, Bolton (QAEP 2008)

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15-17 November 2009, Harrogate, UK

                                    I - Innovation, incubation, networks and knowledge transfer
                                       I1 Innovation & incubation centres, science parks and technology clusters
                                       I2 Development and management of business-to-business networks
                                       I3 Knowledge transfer partnerships and corporate spin-out processes
                                       I4 Intellectual property protection and technology commercialisation
 Amanda Parris     Janette Pallas      I5 Innovative supply chain linkages and international trade networks
                                    Partner: UKSPA – United Kingdom Science Parks Association
                                    Facilitator: Amanda Parris, Business Centres Manager, Rotherham MBC. (QAEP 2006)l
                                    Facilitator: Janette Pallas, Business Incubation Manager, De Montfort Univ, Leicester (QAEP 2008)

                                    M - Management, skills, environmental and global growth issues
                                      M1 Critical factors, models and HR strategies for success – case studies
                                      M2 Small business globalisation issues and export promotion programmes
                                      M3 Marketing methods for small businesses & importance of branding
                                      M4 Environmental impacts and sustainability of “green” businesses   
Dr Bryan Keating   Pamela Neal        M5 Franchising as a successful model for expanding small businesses
                                    Partners: IBC - Institute of Business Consulting + CMI Chartered Management. Institute
                                    Facilitator: Dr Bryan Keating, Managing Partner, CIP Partnership, Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland
                                    (QAEP 2006)
                                    Facilitator: Pamela Neal, CODA Business Management Ltd, Newport (QAEP 2008)

                                    S - Supporting small business development world-wide
                                      S1 National and regional programmes of entrepreneurship support
                                      S2 Innovations in small business support policies and structures
                                      S3 Small business management development, mentoring and training
                                      S4 The key role of Trade Associations, Chambers and Business Clubs
 Tony Robinson      Dr Nicholas       S5 Quality assurance for business support professionals and organizations
                      O’Shiel       Partner: SFEDI – Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative
                                    Facilitator: Tony Robinson OBE, Executive Chairman, SFEDI, Scarborough
                                    Facilitator: Dr Nicholas O'Shiel, Omagh Enterprise Co Ltd, Northern Ireland. (QAEP 2008)

                                    V – Venture capital, business angels, finance and taxation
                                      V1 Informal and formal venture capital for business start-up and growth
                                      V2 Banks and small firms – loans, guarantees and other schemes
                                      V3 Enterprise loan funds and enterprise finance guarantee schemes
                                      V4 Financing, facilitating and promoting international trade by SMEs  
  Nigel Brown      Doug Richard       V5 Innovations in small business financing for start-up and growth
                                    Partners: IFA- Institute of Financial Accountants+ Federation of Tax Advisers
                                    Facilitator: Nigel Brown OBE, Chair, Great Eastern Investment Forum, Cambridge (QAEP 2007)
                                    Facilitator: Doug Richard, Chairman, School for Start-ups, Cambridge (QAEP 2006)

                                    W - Women’s enterprise and family business development
                                      W1 Women’s entrepreneurship development - international experience
                                      W2 Women's enterprise support schemes - challenges and developments
                                      W3 Gender and family-life issues in entrepreneurship policy and support
                                      W4 Family business – management, gender roles and succession planning 
  Joy Nichols      Beverley Pold      W5 Transfer of family businesses – problems and practices world-wide
                                    Partners: WiRE Women in Rural Enterprise & WiN (TBC);
                                    Facilitator: Joy Nichols MBE, Chief Executive, CMB2 Group Ltd, London (QAEP 2005)
                                    Facilitator: Beverley Pold, Business Dev/Policy Manager Chwaraeteg, Cardiff (QAEP 2009)

                                    Y - Youth enterprise support programmes world-wide
                                      Y1 Young Enterprise and Junior Achiever International – case studies
                                      Y2 Employer engagement - stimulating and supporting young people
                                      Y3 Make Your Mark Campaign – Global Entrepreneurship opportunities
                                      Y4 Enterprise education in schools – case studies and model programmes
 Janet Brumby      Derek Browne       Y5 Shell Livewire & Prince’s Trust – UK and international case studies
                                    Partners: Shell LiveWIRE, Young Enterprise, Enterprise Insight & YPEF
                                    Facilitator: Janet Brumby, Young Enterprise Yorkshire & Humber (QAEP 2006)
                                    Facilitator: Derek Browne; Entrepreneurs in Action, London (QAEP 2006)

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                            The current economic crisis has highlighted the importance of creating more small businesses
                            with a sound financial foundation, proper management controls and strong support services.
                            This Convention will bring together the many organisations in the UK and internationally that
                            specialise in helping individuals to start their own business, guiding them through the initial
                            development phase to a secure trading position in their own Country and onward into the global
                            There will be numerous Workshop Sessions showcasing best practice and innovation in the
                            creation and support of small businesses world-wide. It will be an opportunity for many UK and
                            overseas delegates to exchange views and learn about best practice in enterprise promotion.

                            WHO SHOULD ATTEND?
                            This Convention is being organised on a low-cost not-for-profit basis so that as many SME
                            specialists and support organisations as possible can attend from both the UK and overseas e.g.
                            G Business Advisers, Brokers, Coaches, Consultants, Counsellors, Facilitators, & Mentors;
                            G Enterprise Agencies; Incubation & Innovation Centres: Science Parks; Support Organisations;
                            G Entrepreneurship Educators, Teachers & Trainers; Qualifying Bodies; Professional Institutes:
                            G Financiers & Venture Capitalists; Government SME-Policy Makers; Development Agencies;
                            G SME Organisations; Trade Associations; Chambers of Trade & Commerce, etc.
                            Facilities will be available for each special interest group to have their own Plenary and Workshop
                            Sessions plus appropriate evening social events within the overall programme.

                            WHY SHOULD YOU ATTEND?
                            A new opportunity to learn about best practice in enterprise promotion
                            G   Interact with leading practitioners, policy-makers, entrepreneurs & advisers
                            G   Hear case histories from many successful enterprise promotion programmes
                            G   Share best practice in business creation and support services world-wide
                            G   Exchange experience in entrepreneurship education and training
                            G   Debate new approaches to small business management and development
                            G   Consider applications and policy implications of many innovations
                            G   Develop existing networks and establish new working relationships

                            ENTERPRISE EXPO
                            There will be also be a large “Enterprise Expo” situated in HIC Hall D where delegates will also
                            take all their refreshment and lunch breaks, thereby providing maximum exposure of products
                            and services with many opportunities for networking between delegates and exhibitors.
                            Exhibitors expected include a wide range of specialists in the following sectors:
                            G Banks and other financial services          G Professional institutes and societies
                            G Business support organisations and agencies G Publishers of journals and books on small business
                            G Coaching and consultancy franchises         G Publishers of newsletters and information services
                            G Community and minority support agencies     G Regional and national development agencies
                            G Educational business models and simulations G Software suppliers and support specialists
                            G Government advisory services and agencies   G Training and assessment organisations
                            G ICT system suppliers and on-line services   G University business schools and Colleges
Networking opportunities
                            G Managed workspace and office services       G Women's enterprise networks and organisations
                            G Other small business conferences            G Young enterprise networks and organisations

                            This event is being organised and supported by recipients of The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise
                            Promotion. This Award celebrates and recognises the activities of individuals who have played
                            an outstanding and significant role in promoting enterprise skills and attitudes in others in the UK.
                            Encouraging or facilitating the sort of skills and attitudes found in an enterprise environment -
                            whether in a commercial business or a social enterprise - is the essence of 'Enterprise Promotion'.
                            There have been ten standard Awards and one Lifetime Achievement Award each year since
                            2005 – making a total of 55 current holders. Over 40 of them are expected to speak in this
                            Convention - as marked (QAEP 200?) to indicate the year of award.
                            Note: The closing date for nominations for the current year is 30th October 2009.

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15-17 November 2009, Harrogate, UK

                                  LOCATION – HARROGATE
                                  Harrogate is centrally located in the UK halfway between London and Edinburgh with good
                                  transport connections. Leeds/Bradford and Manchester international airports are within
                                  driving distance; there are excellent motorway links from around the UK and good train
                                  connections to Harrogate from all over the UK via Leeds or York.
                                  With its characteristic architecture, grand boulevards, enticing shopping parades, top quality
                                  restaurants and immaculately maintained green spaces, Harrogate presents a stylish elegant
                                  place to visit. Not only does this sophisticated town top the polls as a conferencing
                                  destination, it is also widely known as one of the most desirable places to live in Britain.
                                  Culture, heritage, fine dining, boutique shopping and varied nightlife are just a few of the more
      Prospect Gardens            obvious lures to tourists. Central to the town's historiacl appeal is the spectacular Turkish
                                  Baths and Health Spa, magnificently restored to their former Victorian glory with the addition
                                  of a suite of modern treatment rooms. The adjacent Royal Pump Room Museum explores
                                  Harrogate's interesting history as a spa town.
                                  Close to the Centre is the beautiful Valley Gardens and the world-renowned Royal Horticultural
                                  Society Garden Harlow Carr is a short drive away. There is so much more within easy reach -
                                  the metropolis of Leeds with its premium shopping and exciting social scene, the historic city
                                  of York, Harewood House, Fountains Abbey, Ripley Castle, horse racing and golf are all a
                                  short drive or bus ride away.

                                  The Convention will be held at the prestigious Harrogate International Centre (HIC) utilising
                                  the main 2,000 seat Auditorium for Plenary Sessions, the Queen's Suite for Workshops and
 Conference Centre Auditorium
                                  Hall D for the Enterprise Expo, lunches and refreshments breaks. See
                                  HIC combines premium facilities and unbeatable customer service with one of Britain's most
                                  aspirational locations. It is easy to see why the Centre attracts in excess of 250,000 visitors
                                  each year and is consistently acknowledged as one of the country's top event venues.
                                  The award-winning Queen's Suite is one of the latest additions to the Centre, providing
                                  premium quality facilities including a spacious foyer. This area will be sub-divided into ten
                                  individual and completely acoustically secure breakout rooms.
                                  There will be a 14-station Internet Cafe available for FREE use by Convention Delegates for
                                  limited periods. There is also a wi-fi connection throughout the HIC for delegates with their
                                  own laptops - plus ample space for relaxing and networking with other delegates.
      Betty’s Tea Rooms           WELCOME RECEPTION
                                  On Sunday evening there will be an International Welcome Reception and Buffet in the
                                  famous Gilded Royal Hall. The breathtaking design is derived from the great ballrooms of
                                  imperial Europe combined with British theatrical elements. The richly detailed architecture and
                                  excellent acoustics make it ideal for all manner of events. Re-opened in April 2008 after a
                                  comprehensive restoration, the Royal Hall is the jewel in Harrogate's crown
                                  This Welcome Reception will be FREE to registered delegates but pre-booking is required.

                                  GROUP NIGHT OUT
                                  On Monday evening, each special interest group is encouraged to organise their own Group
                                  Night Out for members and interested delegates in one of the many nearby hotels and
                                  restaurants. Details of the alternative options will be sent to all registered delegates during
     Royal Hall Auditorium        October when pre-booking will be required due to capacity limitations of the venues.
                                  A list of restaurants within easy walking distance and a Harrogate Town Street Map will be
                                  provided in Delegate Bags.

                                  Harrogate is an attractive town that welcomes many business and leisure visitors all the year
                                  round. There are more than 2,000 beds available for visitors to Harrogate – with more than
                                  1,000 of them within an easy walking distance of the Convention venue, the Harrogate
                                  International Centre.
                                  The Convention Organisers have secured allocations of rooms at discounted rates for
                                  registered delegates in four different categories of accommodation, from hotels large and
                                  small to guest houses and self-catering apartments. Full details of all accommodation in
         Holiday Inn              each category can be found via the Convention web site, but bookings at the discounted rates
                                  for Convention Delegates can only be made by quoting a password that will be provided
                                  when registration has been completed.

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                                                                                                 FOLLOW BROWN
                                                                                                 SIGNS FOR

                                                                                                 Harrogate is in Yorkshire
                                                                                                 situated almost midway
                                                                                                 between London and
                                                                                                 Edinburgh and between
                                                                                                 Liverpool and Hull. It is
                                                                                                 easily accessible via road,
                                                                                                 rail, bus and air with
                                                                                                 regular connections from
                                                                                                 all over UK and Europe.
                                                                                                 Full details are given on
                                                                                                 the Convention web site -
                                                                                                 click on travel.

    For fast on-line registration and payment just click on, log-in and complete the
    Registration Form and then pay by credit card via the secure RBS WorldPay
    system, by cheque in GBP(£) or by direct bank transfer. Receipts will be sent.
    If you do not have access to the Internet, please send a fax or letter on your
    headed notepaper to the Convention Secretariat at the address below. Full
    information on the Convention and the off-line Registration Form will then be
    sent to you. If you need to be invoiced please send an official Purchase Order
    from your Organisation’s Purchasing Department. Registration and payment
    in advance is essential. We cannot accept registration or payment on arrival.

       ACTION POINTS                  DEADLINES
       Early booking discounts end    31st August
       Summary of Presentations       31st August
       Powerpoint Presentation        30th September
       Normal booking discounts end   30th September
       Hotel discounts end            15th October
       Late booking closes            7th November
       Convention dates               15-17th November

                             Published by Brian L. Dunsby, Convention Organiser, Perlex Associates,
                                     with photographs from Harrogate International Centre
                                       ENTERPRISE PROMOTION CONVENTION SECRETARIAT
                                         P Box 288, Dept EP909, Harrogate HG2 8UH, UK.                                                              
                                            Tel: +44 1423 879208 Fax: +44 1423 870025
                            Email: Website:

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