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					Main Step in Online Process Is Checking
Clear all your doubts and receive your products very safely:

Today, people are ready to use the internet services to order and get them delivered to home. Some
questions arise in the customers and they affect their decision, to use the online service or not. Most
probably the common questions may be, is the furniture assembled when delivered? And what happens if
furniture gets damaged?

Assembling of furniture:

In some packages, the furniture is sent unassembled only to prevent its damage during delivery. As it is
packaged smaller, it can be delivered by less expensive means thereby reducing price for this shipping
package. Depending on the size of the product, some homelegance instrumental furniture is shipped after

If the furniture is damaged:

This situation rarely arises, as most times, the furniture is shipped safely. The customer himself should
carefully look at the furniture that is shipped. Crushed ends on a box or the areas that have been taped
by the company or impact through the box may be the signs to look for. It is better to open the box and
see if there are any scratches, dents or dings before you accept it. At that time, you can simply refuse the
product to accept due to damage. In this way, you can get the new one wit hout any excess charge. This
is the step that most of the customers are not aware of. To prevent this happen, you can know more
about the shipping process of the company through their website. You should never forget to check the
products before you sign the receipt.

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