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									Telematic Controls Launches Interactive Online Store For Instrumentation And Process Control

Worldwide, 27-DECEMBER-2013 - Telematic Controls is pleased to announce the launch of their
revolutionary online store. Pressure switches, Regulators and over 400 types of products are available
in the new web-based catalogue. A comprehensive range of top quality industrial pressure switches are
listed in the on-hand inventory which tops 400,000 products.

According to project lead, Troy Waddel, "This online platform provides a new and unique way that
process control products are purchased. It emulates all the knowledge and experience of our sales staff
and is available to our customers at all times anywhere in the world. 24 hour service is a benefit in a
global marketplace."

Sales Manager, Darren Weatherhead explains "We are providing a great way that our customers can
gain access to a wide variety of products and a large repository of product information, 24 hours a day.
This gives us a distinct advantage in meeting our customer's needs."

Telematic Controls' web catalogue includes a large repository of product information featuring images,
data sheets, drawings, and more. Advanced searching and filtering capabilities emulate the sales
process that would be used in a bricks and mortar location.

Fully trained and experienced sales staff are also available to assist during the ordering process. This
type of assistance assures your ordering process will be as seamless as possible. Customers can
customize products to their exact application. There is quick and easy purchasing and reordering, as
well as highly competitive pricing. Worldwide shipping is available at preferred rates.

Learn more about the new web-based store by visiting Telematic.com at https://www.telematic.com or
https://www.telematic.com/Pressure-Switches-C15069.aspx today. Members of the press and others
who have additional questions about the content of this specific press release are encouraged to contact
Troy Waddel at the location described below.

Contact Person Name: Troy Waddel
Company Name: Telematic Controls
Address: 3364 - 114th Avenue S. E. Calgary Alberta, T2Z 3V6 Canada
Contact Telephone Number: 1 (403) 253-7939
Contact Email: media@telematic.com
Website: https://www.telematic.com or https://www.telematic.com/Pressure-Switches-C15069.aspx

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