Surgeon Says Cosmetic Treatments Are Just One Component of Beautiful Results

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					Surgeon Says Cosmetic Treatments Are Just One Component of Beautiful Results

Dr. Kenrick Spence says maintaining a youthful, beautiful look isn't just about patients visiting plastic
surgeons. The physician in Orlando recommends good habits such as eating well and exercising and
avoiding harmful activities such as smoking.

Online PR News – 26-December-2013 – In light of recent natural cosmetic treatments making headlines, Dr.
Kenrick Spence, among the leading plastic surgeons in Orlando, says he welcomes these options as a nice
complement to popular surgical procedures. Dr. Spence is a board-certified plastic surgeon also offering
non-surgical skincare solutions at his private practice, Hillcrest Aesthetic Institute, and he says he believes
patients who utilize a comprehensive plan involving a variety of treatments achieve optimal aesthetic results.

"I often tell my Orlando facelift patients that maintaining a youthful look isn't just about surgery," Dr. Spence
says. "While surgery is helpful for achieving a beautiful appearance, it doesn't take the place of taking good
care of oneself. Eating well, exercising, and avoiding harmful activities such as smoking are just as important
as cosmetic treatments for looking and feeling one's best."

Recent stories in the news have highlighted good personal habits for maintaining a youthful appearance. A
report published in the Boston Globe even described acupuncture as an alternative to BOTOX® Cosmetic .
Although not all these procedures have proven cosmetic benefits, Dr. Spence says there's no harm in being
proactive about one's health and appearance.

"Many people are taking a proactive approach to maintaining a beautiful appearance, meaning they are
focused on eating well, taking vitamins, avoiding excessive sunlight, and so on," he says. "The results of
these kinds of habits can then be enhanced with certain cosmetic procedures, depending on a patient's
needs. This is why I tailor my services based on the patient and make recommendations accordingly. It is
important for people to understand how cosmetic surgery can go hand-in-hand with other natural

Orlando plastic surgeons such as Dr. Spence offer multiple treatment options for those looking to improve
their appearance. He regularly performs facial plastic surgery, body treatments, and skincare solutions for
women and men of all ages. He also welcomes questions from patients about lifestyle habits or holistic
treatments that they are curious about.

"We are committed to helping others feel and look their best," Dr. Spence says. "Meeting with a qualified
medical professional is a great place to start one's skincare journey. Additionally, practicing good, healthy
habits is key for enhancing the results of cosmetic procedures and for reducing recovery time. Good plastic
surgeons are encouraged to see these stories and hear these kinds of questions from their patients."

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Dr. Kenrick Spence, one of the top plastic surgeons in Orlando, offers his opinion
regarding recent news highlighting non-surgical cosmetic alternatives.
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