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									  ‘Providing a comprehensive training, mentoring and partnering service
               enabling you to use CTT with your clients’

      Transformation Tools®
       Training for External & Internal Consultants,
       Coaches and Human Resource Professionals

                           Part 1:
                     CTT Models and Tools

A Comprehensive Accreditation Programme including a Workshop,
        Mentoring Sessions and Post-Training Support

                       “Supporting Leaders
            in Building Values-Driven Organisations”

                     The Seven Levels of
                 Organizational Consciousness
      Service                                  Long-term viability

      Making a Difference                      Collaboration

      Internal Cohesion                        Shared vision

      Transformation                           Continuous Improvement

      Self-Esteem                              Best Practices

      Relationship                             Customer Satisfaction

      Survival                                 Financial Stability
       ‘Providing a comprehensive training, mentoring and partnering service
                    enabling you to use CTT with your clients’

Working with the Cultural Transformation Tools

The Cultural Transformation Tools ® have been used to map the values of
over 1000 organizations in 55 countries since 1997, and are available in 19
languages. More than 2300 Organization Development (OD) consultants,
coaches & facilitators and Human Resource (HR) professionals from 61
countries have been trained in the use of the Cultural Transformation

“The Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) are a set of tools that provide
measurement of people, teams, organisations, even cities, to help
understand values, culture, consciousness and motivation. In this sense
they are just a set of tools.

The key to the effectiveness of CTT is the opportunity delivered through the
word "Transformation". The start point of transformation is a commitment
from the leaders to transform, in both their minds and hearts; to suspend
beliefs and be open to new possibilities and new ways of being.

CTT provides a structure and form to begin these new conversations and to
discover what is really important in life, organisations or cities. There are no
set answers here because everyone is unique, but honouring and liberating
that uniqueness and finding connections between people can have (and is
having) amazing results in terms of business success and personal
fulfilment in both work and life.

In our work transformation is key, questioning our clients whether it be
their beliefs, perceptions or strategic direction. This is integral to what we

                                                            Richard Barrett
                                Founder and Chairman, Barrett Values Centre
     ‘Providing a comprehensive training, mentoring and partnering service
                  enabling you to use CTT with your clients’

CTT Part 1 Courses in 2009-10

Chris runs CTT Part 1 courses in the UK and in Germany (in English).

Upcoming courses:

         •   10th – 11th Dec 2009, Bristol, UK

         •   8th – 9th Feb 2010, Bristol, UK

         •   3rd – 4th Mar 2010, Oberursel, Germany

         •   14th – 15th Apr 2010, Bristol, UK

         •   7th – 8th Jun 2010, Bristol, UK

         •   16th – 17th Aug 2010, Bristol, UK

      Timings: Start 09.00 day 1 – Finish 16.30 day 2

      Your investment: £1000 + VAT (UK) and €1550 + VAT (Germany)

Chris also offers an optional ‘CTT Deepening Day’ where you can explore
the practical application of CTT with your clients. For further details about
these and for CTT Part 2 (Building a Values-driven, Vision-guided
Organisation) course dates and details see .

For more information about CTT use the following links:

   1. Video with Richard Barrett on Ideal TV in Brasil explaining the
      CTT approach

   2. Homepage of the Barrett Values Centre:

   3. Online Presentation explaining the 7 levels of organisational

                                 The Seven Levels of
                             Organizational Consciousness


                         Making a Differen ce
                                                  Long- term viability


                         Internal Coh esion       Shared vision

                         Transformation           Continu ous I mprovemen t

                         Self-Esteem              Best Practices

                         Relation ship            Customer Satisfaction

                         Survival                 Financial S tability
      ‘Providing a comprehensive training, mentoring and partnering service
                   enabling you to use CTT with your clients’

Training Programme

The CTT Part 1 (Models and Tools) training is for external & internal
consultants, facilitators, coaches and human resource managers who want
to use the powerful Cultural Transformation Tools® in their change and
transformation work. These tools include the Cultural Values Assessment,
Team Values Assessment, Individual Values Assessment and the Leadership
Values Assessment 360º feedback tool.

This programme is a comprehensive accreditation process, and includes
a 2-day workshop and two additional 1-hour individual post-training
mentoring sessions.

Additionally included is a free IVA (Individual Values Assessment) that you
can use with one of your clients after the training – a powerful opportunity
to start selling what you just learned.

During the workshop participants will be involved in lecture, discussion and
group activities. At the end of the programme you will have a detailed
understanding of the Cultural Transformation Tools® and how to use them to
carry out values assessments. You will also be provided with the materials
necessary to promote this concept with your clients.

The Cultural Transformation Tools® are currently being used by companies
such as ANZ, Microsoft, Ford Motor Co., Volvo, Mars, Mitsubishi, McKinsey &
Co., L’Oreal, ING Bank, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ikea, Ericsson, Kraft and
the World Bank.

Programme Objectives

•   Familiarise participants with the background and theoretical frameworks
    of the Cultural Transformation Tools®
•   Provide participants with an understanding of how to work with the
    Cultural Transformation Tools® and present the results of Individual,
    Team, Corporate, Leadership and Cultural Compatibility Values
    Assessments to their clients
      ‘Providing a comprehensive training, mentoring and partnering service
                   enabling you to use CTT with your clients’

You Will Learn

•   Why cultural capital is the new frontier of competitive advantage
•   The consequences for business of the shift from the Information Age to
    the Consciousness Age
•   What successful companies are doing to create cultural capital
•   The Seven Levels of Corporate Consciousness
•   The Seven Levels of Leadership Excellence
•   The Six-Part Balanced Needs Scorecard
•   How to market CTT with your clients

How You Will Benefit

•   Detailed understanding of how to use the Cultural Transformation
•   State-of-the-art techniques to apply in your own practice
•   Affiliation with the Barrett Values Centre
•   The right to use the Cultural Transformation Tools®
•   The opportunity to join the CTT Network and meet like-minded agents of

Feedback from Previous Courses

‘Chris did a great job for me and I value his input. He assembled a fantastic
group of people together from which I have learnt masses beyond CTT
alone’,                                                     Howard Bentley

‘Thank you for the excellent training…and hints for implementation’,
                                                            Roland Günther

‘Even before the course started I was impressed with his professional
approach and very helpful manner. Having now attended two courses run
by Chris, I have experienced his real understanding of and his ability to
explain CTT and bring it to life. What has really struck me is his passion to
make a real difference to business by using CTT and his desire to deepen
the knowledge and expertise of others. He is a great facilitator and is very
giving of his time and knowledge’,                          Hilary Earle
     ‘Providing a comprehensive training, mentoring and partnering service
                  enabling you to use CTT with your clients’

Chris Monk - Profile

               Chris helps individuals and organisations to discover and
               breath life into their core values. By aligning these with their
               unique purpose they can then create and communicate an
               energising vision that inspires new levels of performance.
               As well as having an MBA from the OU Business School,
               Chris is also a Genuine Contact consultant, NLP Master
               Practitioner and Advanced PER-K® (Performance Kinesiology)
facilitator. He is an Ashridge Business School accredited Executive Coach
and ICF member, and predominantly uses a solution-focused approach to
coaching and facilitating. Chris also uses a range of psychometric tools
including MBTI® and Insights Discovery®. When relaxing he enjoys
mountaineering, veterans rugby, endurance running, and golf. Chris works
predominantly across Western Europe & in the UK. (For more information
go to and click on ‘About Chris Monk’).

CTT Part 1 Courses – Further Details
Included in your investment in attending a CTT Part 1 open workshop are all
training materials, Powerpoint files, a copy of Richard Barrett’s book
‘Liberating the Corporate Soul’, and refreshments & lunch during the
programme. It also includes two individual 1-hour post-training mentoring
sessions that may be used flexibly to support you in marketing CTT to your
clients or for organising, interpreting or feeding back your first CTT values
assessment. Additionally, a free IVA (Individual Values Assessment) with
accompanying report and consultant’s notes will be available for you to use
with a client after the course.

Start time on Day 1 will be 9.00, and finishing at 17.00. Day 2 will start at
08.30 finishing no later than 16.30. Chris also runs an optional ‘Deepening
Day’ on Day 3 where, using an Open Space Technology approach, we
explore themes and issues that have emerged during the training to co-
create solutions that will help you to deepen your understanding and to
apply CTT with your clients.
     ‘Providing a comprehensive training, mentoring and partnering service
                  enabling you to use CTT with your clients’

How to register
If you would like to register for this program then please complete the
online Workshop Registration form at , or
contact Chris by email/ phone (see below).

   For training and general information about CTT contact:

   Chris Monk

   Office (UK): +44 (0) 1395 274598
   Mobile: +44 (0) 7793 200604
   Email :
   Website :

In-House/ Flexible Courses

Chris also runs tailored ‘in-house’ CTT Part 1 courses that can be arranged
to run on dates and at locations that suit you. There is a scale of prices
depending on the numbers of participants attending. This training can also
be combined with an additional day to explore your company’s values,
mission, purpose and vision. Please ask for more details.

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