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Holidays Often Reveal the First Time That Signs of Dementia Become Evident for Families


Peter Mangiola RN of Senior Helpers New Jersey Points to These 10 Signs of Cognitive Health Difficulty

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									Holidays Often Reveal the First Time That Signs of Dementia Become Evident
for Families

Peter Mangiola RN of Senior Helpers New Jersey Points to These 10 Signs of Cognitive Health

Manchester, NJ, December 25, 2013 --( Senior Health and Wellness expert Peter Mangiola,
RN, MSN, of Senior Helpers Ocean County, New Jersey, advised families to pay attention to these 10
signs that a family member or loved one is having difficulty managing everyday life.

1. Mail piling up and left unopened
2. Clothes not being put away
3. Floors & surfaces are collecting unusual amounts of dust & dirt
4. Bathrooms are not clean
5. Unwashed dishes collecting in the sink
6. Laundry not being washed
7. Pills and medications not taken
8. Appointments not kept
9. Past due notices
10. Signs of depression

“Often, it is during the holiday seasons, when children and their parents get together, that they discover
that their parents, uncles and aunts are having difficulty managing their everyday life as they once had.
The best advice I can offer is to be aware of these 10 signs. If you notice any of these 10 signs, there is a
good chance that your relative is in need of some assistance and may not know how to ask for help. Don't
wait to consider your solutions. Before winter sets in, it's easier to introduce some assistance right after
the holidays, when the need is conspicuous,” stated Peter Mangiola RN of Senior Helpers of Ocean
County, New Jersey.

Senior Helpers are dedicated to helping those who are aging and who are not managing their lives as they
once had, to understand that there is a big difference between needing help and being helpless. They
make a point of preserving the dignity and mobility of their clients.

Senior Helpers provides a free assessment to determine what is needed. Help can range from a few hours
a day to live-in care.

For a free assessment or to ask a question about in-home assistance, call or email Peter at 732-657-3600
at any time. You can even request a free assessment on their website:

Free Ebook
For a copy of Peter Mangiola's ebook, Memory Matters, contact Peter's office @ 732-657-3600. Peter
Mangiola speaks and consults on a regular basis to senior citizen facilities, group homes and church
groups. He strives to serve seniors by informing them and their families about resources, and mistakes to

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avoid when the elderly become limited in their choices by either health or cognitive issues.

Peter Mangiola, a registered nurse, received his degree from The University of Pennsylvania School of
Nursing in 1980, and since has served in Emergency, Recovery, Cardiac Care, and Electrophysiology
departments, including three years as an Oncology Director and eight years as Charge Nurse for a
cardiovascular nursing unit.

Mr. Mangiola worked with several major hospitals as a traveling Registered Nurse, including:
- Temple University Hospital
- Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
- The Hospital of The University of Pennsylvania

Mr. Mangiola was motivated by his own journey of recovery from a near-death car accident when he was
a boy. Since that potentially disastrous event, his passion for health and systems that engender wellness
have captured and driven his career and life. Mr. Mangiola is a sought-after public speaker, presenting to
many senior organizations throughout the state, and has recently partnered with ShopRite's Wellness Fair
with his Eat Drink Think: Lifestyles with Health in Mind.

If you are a director or board member of a senior citizen organization or church or synagogue, and would
like to have Peter Mangiola come to speak to your group for an hour or so for the purpose of educating
your members or residents on topics of senior wellness and health, please contact Anthony DiMaio at

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Senior Helpers NJ
Peter Mangiola
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