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									 WELCOME HOME                    PROXIMITY TO OTHER CITIES:                       Our Relocation Team
                                          30 Miles North to Barstow               Century 21 fairway’s Relocation team has
THE VICTOR VALLEY                     35 Miles Southwest to Wrightwood            a full-time experienced staff, available 7
  AT THE CENTER OF                     40 Miles South to San Bernardino           days a week. Incoming buyers are offered
                                                                                  an area tour and a comprehensive reloca-
SOUTHREN CALIFORNIA                     43 Miles Southwest to Big Bear            tion package that includes school informa-
                                      85 Miles Southwest to Los Angeles           tion, maps, available properties and com-
                                      147 Miles Southwest to San Diego            munity.
                                                                                  Sellers leaving the Victor Valley are as-
                                 We also offer:                                   signed experienced sales associates
                                                                                  trained in relocation who provide a com-
                                                                                  plete market analysis and marketing plan.
                                          Area Orientation and Tours
                                            A Newcomer’s Packet                   Corporate referrals are handled by a spe-
                                          Detailed School Information             cial team of professionals who are trained
                                                                                  to deliver quality service focusing on the
                                          Rental Property Information             special needs of the corporate transferee
                                                                                  during the relocation process.
                                 These services are designed to familiarize you
                                                                                  All referrals are supervised by our team of
                                 with your new locale and decrease your leg-      relocation experts during the entire process
                                 work— along with you stress.                     which insures a high customer service rat-
                 •Apple Valley                                                    ing. We are committed to delivering quality
             •Victorville        Welcome to the advantages of your
                                 technology tools such as:

                                 Relocation Services from the Century 21
                                 System provide the solution needed to erase
                                 the worries faced by people in the real world                    Contact:
                                 of real estate. Under the umbrella of our un-
                                 matched brand name is a global network of                 Relocation Director
                                 certified corporate relocation professionals,                  Teresa Foster
                                 caring brokers and sales associates, and     
                                 state-of-the-art technology tools that keep
                                 everyone informed and in touch no matter           Corporate Relocation Specialist
                                 where you are leaving from or heading to.                     Robyn Morgan
Serving the High Desert
   communities of:
                                                                                              Client Services
   Adelanto Apple Valley                                                                        Lois Gamache
  Hesperia Lucerne Valley                                                      
  Oak Hills      Phelan
 Pinon Hills Silver Lakes                                                       

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