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					                           Columbia Family Clinic

                                                       Dayton Hospital

                             Waitsburg Clinic

Hospital District
 Service Area
                                                    Booker Rest Home
   Proudly serving the
communities of Dayton,
Starbuck, Waitsburg, and
  the surrounding area.
                           Your Local Hospital District
              YES           and Health Care System
                            Has Some Exciting News
         For                and Needs Your Support
   Hospital District
                                                                HOW CAN YOU HELP?
                                                     Vote YES for Health Information Technology
The Federal Government has directed all hospitals    (the Government’s term) on the November
be in compliance with the Government’s technol-      ballot.
ogy requirements by 2015.

                                                         WHAT IS IT GOING TO COST US?
                                                     This is a one time levy of $1.29 per thousand
BENEFITS FOR COMPLIANCE INCLUDE:                     dollars of assessed value or $129 for a house val-
                                                     ued at $100,000.
     A major step in the process for your records
     to be instantly available at any hospital.      Yes, we do have to provide the money up front,
     Doctors and nurses will be able to make         but because we will get the stimulus money back,
     entries on your chart instantly while you are   the hospital will be financially better off in the
     being treated.                                  long run. Remember, this collection is for the
     Gives the opportunity for our hospital to be    year 2010 only.
     eligible for significant funds of Federal
     stimulus payments. These payments are
     reduced every year we are out of compli-            PENALTIES FOR NON-COMPLIANCE
     ance, with no payout after 2015.
     The stimulus money will pay for updates,        •   Reduced Medicare reimbursement which
     maintenance of system, training and equip-          would adversely affect hospital operations
     ment replacement for years to come.             •   Price of system will increase more each year
     Starting the process now means we can               we wait
     purchase the equipment and software at
                                                     •   Installation delays from software vendors
    today’s prices, which will only increase in
    the years to come.                               •   We will lose the stimulus we could have re-
                                                         ceived forever
                                                                           Paid for by: Citizens for Quality Healthcare
                                                                                         PO Box 181
                                                                                         Dayton, WA 99328