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									E&B Racing Team is Looking Forward to the 2014 Season

Yorba Linda, CA, December 24, 2013 --(PR.com)-- E&B Racing team is looking forward to the 2014
season. E&B is a Nostalgia Drag Racing team that competes in the NHRA Heritage and ANRA series.
With 2013 wrapped up and in the books, "E&B is happy with finishing in the top half of the ANRA series
with a few round wins and missing a Simi final round by .001 seconds," as stated by team driver and
owner, Jerry Espeseth. Jerry also notes that "E&B is happy to announce their new sponsor, Midwest
Factory Finishes, along with long time sponsor Coast Transmission." What does the next season have in
store for E&B Racing? "E&B Racing feels really positive going into 2014," states Jerry. After running at
Pomona in the middle of the last season, the team's motor was pulled out and dynoded with the help of
Roger Crawford of Heads Up Performance. The team spent a full day problem-solving and ended up with
a strong package. How did it affect the car at the track? With all the homework and car adjustments that
the E&B Crew Chief Brownie Brown did, the car ran numbers 18% higher than the dynode session.
Because of that, Jerry notes that "the team's confidence was high with the car," and E&B started winning
rounds. Brownie and George Striegel of Clay Smith also still have a few more tricks up their sleeves.
They have some plans for reworking the top end of the motor which will move the car up a class. With
the help of the Crew Members Mike Brown, Jim Sullivan, Kim Brown, Tony Casillas and Jerry's
daughter Prezly, Jerry explains that "E&B feels that the team has a good shot at winning both series
championships." There's been talk about a new sponsor? Currently, E&B is looking for a few more
sponsors. Trailer advertising has been a great tool for publicizing the company's name. One round trip to
Bakersfield resulted in 860 hits on the E&B Racing website littlejracing.com. That's 9 to 10,000 hits a
season just from going down the road. Along with track and magazine coverage, "that's outstanding
exposure" as noted by Jerry. Right now E&B is just looking for entry fees. "Needless to say, advertising
exposure on the team's trailer is a pretty big bang for one's buck," expresses Jerry. What's the best way to
contact E&B for the different advertising opportunities? Email jde63@live.com. E&B Racing has
everything from $200.00 packages and on up.

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