eGestalt Launches New Risk Management Module Service for Aegify Cloud-SaaS IT Security _ Compliance Solution by eGestalt


									    eGestalt Launches New Risk Management Module Service for Aegify Cloud-SaaS IT Security &
                                     Compliance Solution

    Osterman Research envisions Aegify filling a strong need within healthcare, financial services, retail, e-commerce
    and government markets

    SANTA CLARA, CA (PRWEB)., December 23, 2013 – Call it a victory for strategic vs. 'check off the boxes' tactical IT
    security and compliance . Today, eGestalt Technologies announced it has added a risk management module, Aegify
    Risk Manager, that can be deployed with the award-winning company’s cloud-based SaaS Aegify Security Posture
    Management (ASPM) and Compliance solutions to enable an enterprise to strategically identify business -critical
    assets, continually assess the assets' security vulnerability, and, if necessary, fix security loop-holes and remediate
    based upon a rational, prioritized risk-benefit analysis achieved via rules and automated data inputs and

    "Whether in healthcare, financial services, retail, e-commerce, or government markets, today's small, medium and
    large enterprises face security threats and must meet compliance obligations under HIPAA, HITECH, SOX, PCI-DSS,
    GLBA, FISMA – or else face significant fines," said Michael Osterman of Osterman Research. "With eGestalt adding
    a risk management service module to its cloud-based SaaS Aegify SPM and Compliance solutions, an enterprise can
    cost-effectively achieve automated, 24/7 IT security monitoring and achieve compliance in a strategic manner that
    allows the head of IT to readily justify security expenditures to the CEO. This is an important aid in helping senior
    decision makers to determine how IT security affects business and the bottom line."

    eGestalt offers its comprehensive, unified, continuous end-to-end automated IT security, compliance and risk
    management Aegify solution to managed service providers (MSPs) and value-added resellers (VARs).

    Anupam Sahai, co-founder and president, eGestalt Technologies, said: "The Aegify Risk Manager represents a
    complete risk management solution that is cost-effective, completely automated, and integrated with the Aegify
    security and compliance management services. The Risk manager leverages an expert system-based approach
    saving time and resources, while obviating the need of being an expert in the field."
    Aegify Security, Compliance and Risk Management Features & Benefits

    Aegify enables complete work flow automation to comprehensively address and manage business security,
    compliance and risk needs. Aegify Risk Manager features:

   Continuous Compliance Management Extensible with Built-in Frameworks - Supports HIPAA Omnibus, GLBA,
    SANS20 and many other regulations.
   Continuous Security Posture Management – Enables IT asset discovery, vulnerability analysis and remediation.
   Continuous Advanced Risk Management – Prioritizes security and compliance gaps using advanced expert systems-
    based approach that automates mapping of security posture to compliance controls. Built-In Risk Profile Database
    leverages industry best practices in risk management for organization risk score calculation within minutes and in
   Built-In Knowledge Base demystifies standards, while Policies Templates and Contracts can be easily customized
    with easy access to industry based practices.

    "As a practicing physician and one of the principals of a medical practice group, I'm focused primarily on the quality
    of patient care, and while I recognize IT security and compliance is a necessity to protect patient data, IT security
    and compliance has been a kind of 'black box' to me and I have it managed by one of my office managers," said Dr.
    Steven Krems, a principal of Access Medical Group in Marina del Rey, California, which has for 20 consecutive years
    served the Los Angeles Clippers of the National Basketball Association. "With a cost-effective and transparent IT
    security, compliance and risk management offering made available by eGestalt, I like that my IT manager can
    readily explain to me specifics as to why monies need to be allocated to protect patient data and achieve
    Aegify Pricing

    Aegify modules are available via managed service providers and VARs, with eGestalt establishing a suggested retail
    price that makes it affordable from small and medium business to large enterprises. The eGestalt solution fits a
    'pay as you grow' business model.

    For information about pricing and how to become a channel partner to sell any or all of the Aegify solutions, send
    an email to
    About eGestalt:

    Launched in 2009, eGestalt Technologies is a leading provider of Cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS)
    solutions for business IT security monitoring, vulnerability analysis, asset and risk management, penetration testing
    and compliance management. The company's flagship product Aegify is the world-first, software only solution for
    integrated security posture management (SPM), compliance management and risk management and eGestalt is
    completely channel-focused. Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., eGestalt has offices in the United States, Asia-
    Pacific and Middle East. eGestalt was named a 2013 'Emerging Vendor' by CRN and UBM Channel and Winner of
    TiE50 2013, a prestigious award for enterprising technology startups worldwide.

    Media Contacts:

    Anupam Sahai, eGestalt
    Phone: +1 (408) 219 1004

    Michael Krems, KremsPR
    Phone: +1 (805) 496 8166

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