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									Learn Something About Gel
Gel nails are services provided by most
 nail salons. Application of nail gels
 requires nail art skills and experience to
 get better results. The application can be
 done while at home by any person in
 what is otherwise referred to as DIY.
Water marble nail technique has been
 modified to include gel nails and acrylics.
Water marble nail art is popular and
 entails dropping nail polish into clean
 water to create a pattern. The desired
 pattern forms on water surface before it
 is moved to the nail.
The top layer of the pattern may be
 decorated with several drawings while
 still on the surface of water. This style is
 known as free dropping.
The other most frequented style in water
 marble nail technique/method is free
 dragging. Dragged designs range from
 simple shapes like circles to complex
 patterns like parallels, spider webs,
 flowers, and hearts among many others.
 Random patterns are usually drawn using
 special dragging sticks.
The fingernails are then dipped into the
 created patterns and kept below water
 for the polish to attach.
Gel polishes lose color instead they give
 polished and glossy look for long. They
 are recommended for individuals with no
 time for regular pedicure and manicure.
They are durable as they allow one to
 engage in cooking, typing, or washing
 without chipping.
Gel polish is easy to remove. Gel polishes
 are removed better using acetone polish
 removers. Removing polish from nails
 can be faster provided the right
 procedure in adhered to. The first step
 entails buffing the top coat until the
 polish becomes dull.
The polish remover is applied using pad
 or cotton ball. The pad or cotton ball
 should be held in place using foil for
 about thirty minutes.
An orange stick may be utilized to scrap
 off the remaining polish after applying
 acetone gel removers. This method
 works better compared to dipping nails in
 acetone solution.
It is efficient on ordinary nail gels and
 instances where many layers of polish
 are involved.
People who wish to get details on these
 beauty products may attend professional
 exhibitions and/or expos. They may also
 enroll for training that is offered by the
 manufacturers. A lot of useful
 information may be obtained from such
 expos and shows.
It is advised to adhere by the application
 directions specified by the producers for
 better results.
Gel nails are done in most salons all over
 the world. Clients are advised to be more
 informed on the kind of products they
 wish to be applied on their nails before
 making their decisions. They may get the
 details they require from the web or the
 manicurists themselves.
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