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									Moving Your Sofa
One of the most difficult pieces of furniture to move around is your sofa.
They are awkwardly shaped, large, heavy, and sometimes hard to get
a grip on. There are right ways and wrong ways to move a sofa,
especially through doorways. You don’t want to play like
Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman crashing through the
apartment door and knocking over vases full of blue liquid on
white carpet in the movie While You Were Sleeping. Learn from
their mistake and don’t go for brute force when your sofa i s wedged in the

However, Sandra and Bill did start out well. Being the professional mover that he is, Bill’s character
wheeled out the sofa on a sort of hand truck tool. By using moving equipment, you can avoid serious
injury and damage to walls and doorframes. Trying to lift sofas on your own can be dangerous if you
aren’t careful. You can borrow or rent moving equipment or hire professional movers to transplant your
sofa for you. There are lots of movers in St. George and movers in Salt Lake City (and pretty much
everywhere else too) that can help you out.

Work With a Partner

Another thing Sandra and Bill did right was working in pairs. It’s best not to try to move heavy or
awkward furniture on your own. Sofas especially are best moved with two people. If yo u are just sliding
the couch to the other side of the room, you can probably manage that on your
own. (Just slip a piece of flat cardboard or a towel/rag underneath the couch
and slide away!) But going through doors, upstairs, into elevators, or up and
down off trucks, requires at least two pairs of hands.

As you move your sofa through a doorway, make sure that one person is on the
inside and the other is on the outside. Sandra and Bill did this right. Don’t risk
throwing out your back or losing grip on the sofa as you lift, push, and pull.
Gather whoever you can to add some manpower to the move. Bare minimum,
you’ll need at least two pairs of hands.

Always Know the Size

However, poor Sandra and Bill failed to measure the couch and door – which you should always do!
Looks can be deceiving, especially if a sofa has legs. You’ll want to make sure that the height and width
(you don’t usually have to worry about length) will fit through the doorway. If the sofa has legs and they
are removable, better take them off. Even if it will fit with the legs on, a slip of the hand could send a
couch leg through drywall. You don’t want that to happen.
If all else fails, you can call upon the best movers in Utah to come, dismantle your piece, and rebuild it in
the proper place. It could be costly, but if you’re in love with your sofa, it should be worth it. Think of
all the great times you and your sofa will have in your new place! So soft and comfortable, you’ll be glad
you have it with you!

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