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									Go on Vacation According to Your Style
Posted by Sara Stricker - Guest Blogger on 10th, September 2012
You have a style unique to you, a style that you prefer to wear over everything else. This can vary according to
seasonal preference, what body part you like to accentuate, favorite color, and where you stand on the girly-or-
tomboy scale. When you go on vacation, it can be a pain to have to shop for things you only need to wear at your
destination. If you live in a warm climate and prefer to wear sweet sundresses, going on a skiing trip can be a hassle:
you have to buy coats and snow pants, skiing gear, and pants and sweaters.

This year, when you’re picking a new (or old!) locale to explore, go somewhere that suits your style. You’ll stay cool,
collected, and comfortable.

If you wear: skirts, sundresses, light tops, crisp shorts

What To Bring On A Vacation To The Beach

Best Romantic Getaway
This is easy: go somewhere tropical! If you’re strapped for cash, head to the beach closest to you. The Jersey shore
is not all Guidos; you can visit Ocean City or Wildwood for a sunny time. South Carolina also offers some beautiful
beaches, like Myrtle Beach, or North Carolina’s Sunset Beach. Then of course, there’s California. Go anywhere there,
and feel right at home.

If you want to splurge, head somewhere like Bora Bora, Barbados, or Aruba. Your wardrobe will provide exactly the
clothes you need to feel comfortable in a tropical place.

If you wear: linens, dresses, blouses, cardigans

If you dress lightly, but more conservatively, you’d fare best in a European city, like Italy or Milan. In these cities,
people tend to cover up more. The sun may get hot in the summertime, but it won’t be as scorching as a tropical
location, so you can wear a little more fabric and feel more covered. Slip a cute cardigan over a sundress, or wear a
light blouse with linen pants, and you’ll look perfect.

Top Beach Destinations

In some cities, it is customary to cover your shoulders when visiting certain places. Make sure you know the etiquette
when packing and dressing.

If you wear: sweaters, patterns, hats, cool button downs

So you have a cool, eclectic style. You pair loud scarves with patterned tights, and you love clothes with fun cutouts.
Vacationing in a contemporary city like Amsterdam is perfect for you. You can experience the great bar scene, walk
along the canals, and attend some great concerts. Paris is also a great city for the fashion-fearless. If you wear what
you want, when you want, and work it, go somewhere that will appreciate and encourage that.
Also, smile for any street fashion photographers! You may get noticed.

Vacation In Style | Summer Vacation Trip

Vacation Spots in Spain

If you wear: sneakers, sports shorts, T shirts, hoodies

If you take a lazier approach to style, go somewhere adventurous. Rock climb, white water raft, or hike anywhere in
the world. The Grand Canyon, the Amazon in Brazil, Machu Picchu, and Belize beckon with plenty of activities for
you. Your sporty clothing will serve you well at these amazing destinations. You can experience thrilling sea
kayaking, mountain trekking, and nature photography in your own comfy clothes.
What To Bring On A Vacation To The Beach

Holiday Packages To Spain

Just make sure you bring bug spray!

If you wear: sweaters, pants, scarves, long sleeves

You prefer a more wintry selection of style, so the travel recommendation for you is somewhere cold. You can ski,
have fun in a lodge, build snowmen, or simply go somewhere with crisp, cool weather. You’ll feel right at home in
your thicker clothes, without having to buy anything. Head to Switzerland, Canada, Norway, or all the way to
Antarctica to get your fix of cold weather.

The important thing is to bring extra hats and mittens, to keep extra warm!
Vacation In Style | Summer Vacation Trip

London On A Budget

Pick a vacation that allows you to be you, and bring your own, worn-in, familiar clothing. It’s guaranteed that you will
feel more comfortable and at ease in any locale.

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