Places to Visit in Al Ain City

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					                 Places to Visit in Al Ain City
Known as UAE’s ‘garden city’, Al Ain is full of life with a lot of cultural
attractions, lush greenery and a wide array of places you can visit while you
tour this city. Being the second largest city in Abu Dhabi, this place has a lot of
things to be explored. Here are a few things you can do in this beautiful oasis

    Al Ain Camel Market:
     The largest camel market in UAE is in Al Ain. It is a pretty intriguing and
     captivating place to visit. You will see different breeds of camels, see how
     they are bred. You can also learn about how traders talk about the prices
     and profits of their animals. You will find a lot of moments which you’d
     want to capture in your lenses. However, it is always advisable that you

    Oasis:
     Right in the middle of the city is a breathtaking oasis. Full of palm
     plantations, this area is marked with serene, cool and shady walkways.
     Get away from the heat and hustle bustle and enjoy the tranquillity of
     this place. It has series of intricate, captivating water channels which is
     spread across more than 3,000 acres. You will find plantations of up to
     100 different varieties. There are eight distinct entrances to this place
     and the entry is totally free. The 3,000 year old falaj irrigation system is
     something you should definitely learn about.

    Al Ain National Museum:
     The Al Ain National Museum is a place where you will know the city’s
     unique heritage and history. It shares the space with the Sultan Bin
     Zayed Fort, which is also known as the Eastern Fort. The museum is
     majorly divided into three main sections – archaeology, ethnography and
     gifts. The museum houses an intriguing collection of Bedouin jewellery,
     musical instruments, weapons and a reconstruction of a traditional
      majlis. You will find wide archaeological displays in abundance and there
      are a lot of artefacts that you’d like to see.

    Zoo:
     The Al Ain Zoo is one of the world’s largest zoos; it proudly boasts of
     being home to more than 4,000 animals. It is an ideal family destination
     as it provides great entertainment and learning experiences for people
     from all ages. It is home for some of the endangered species like the
     Arabian oryx and is also known to be a breeding place for desert
     antelopes and gazelles. Founded in 1968, by the late Sheikh Zayed, this
     place has natural habitats where animals can live freely and are highly
     cared for.

Apart from visiting these places, you can also try the Jebel Hafeet, the Hili Fun
City, Al Qattara Arts Centre, Palm Sports Beach resort and many more other
tourist attractions. This city is sure to give you a lot of memories to take back

Al Ain is Abu Dhabi’s second largest city. It has something to offer for everyone
and has excellent tourist attractions like the oasis, the Al Ain National
Museum, zoo, the unique camel souk and many more places.

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Description: Known as UAE’s ‘garden city’, Al Ain is full of life with a lot of cultural attractions, lush greenery and a wide array of places you can visit while you tour this city.
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