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					                       Star Wars: A Full Entertainment Package

It has always been my desire and aim to give people a book to read that can take them closer to life and
its associated facts. The Old Star Wars book is my effort into same direction and I believe that reading
this book will bring people face to face with some very big truths of a human life. My recent book series
will teach you the lessons that are deeply related to life and death of a human life, and afterlife too. I am
Malaika Bahizi and the mind and soul behind the concept of The Old Star Wars book is mine. I have tried
my best to put in my passion for writing and my dedication to my thoughts.

I have been a writer from a very young age and this book reflects my enthusiasm for a pure life. With
this book, I have tried to share with you all the different facets and experiences that I have gone through
in my life. Read The Star Wars book and try to understand the deeper meanings of this complicated
world and the humanity that is residing here. It is my passion to learn about the eternal teachings and
the basic human behavior and this is why, I have penned down several inspirational as well as
motivational facts of my life.

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