; “A Vision for Lifelong LearningA Providers Perspective
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“A Vision for Lifelong LearningA Providers Perspective


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									“A Vision for Lifelong Learning:
   A Providers Perspective
            Presentation By
           John F. Ebersole
       Associate Provost & Dean
          Boston University
                                       July 2002
                                  Puebla, Mexico
Life Stages

Formative   Pre-Profession Professional     Post-

  Pre-        College          CHE         Lifestyle,
 College     UG – Grad                    Enrichment
Formative Stage

 n   Boston University Programs
     n   School Technology Program
     n   Sargent Center
     n   Summer School Programs
     n   “Advanced Placement” Courses

 Traditional = Four-year College Experience & UG

 Non-Traditional = Part-time Programs
   n   Part-time Programs
   n   Distance Options
   n   Internships
   n   Intermediate Credentials
   n   Industry Specific Training
Professional/Mature Stage
 n   Degree Completion
 n   PT Graduate Degrees
 n   Continuing Professional Education (CPE)
 n   Continuing Higher Education (CHE)
     n   Broad Focus
     n   Credit & Non-Credit
     n   Lifestyle & Professional
 n   Skills Training – Transition, Enhancement

 n   Lifestyle
 n   Personal Enrichment
 n   Travel
 n   Cross-Generational Programs
More Than Offerings

 n   Formats
 n   Use of Technology
 n   Facility Locations
 n   Services
 n   Types of Credentials
An Organizational Model
 Division of Extended Education
 Metropolitan College
  School of Hospitality Administration
   Summer Term
    Corporate Education Center
     Sargent Center
      Center for Professional Education
       BU Global
         Office of Distance Education
           Lifelong Learning
            Training Track
Community Service

n   Prison Programs          (No Fee)
n   Over 60 Programs         (Low Fee)
n   School Technology        (Low Fee)
n   Work Force Development   (Special Financing)
n   Remote Access            (Low Fee)
    (via Technology)
Where Next?
 n   Alliances with Private Sector
     n   Criminal Justice
     n   Financial Planning
     n   Casualty Insurance
 n   Internationally
     n   “Blended” Programs
 n   “Private Labeling” Products of Others
 n   Global Distribution
 n   Consulting

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