Portland Chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Robinson D. C., Offers Pain Relief For Car Accident Victims

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					Portland Chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Robinson D. C., Offers Pain Relief For Car Accident Victims

Portland OR, 20-DECEMBER-2013 - Portland chiropractic authority, Dr. Jeff Robinson DC, and
ProHealth Chiropractic staff are proud to remind locals that vehicle accident victims can obtain safe
and natural pain relief by making a prompt visit to the doctor. Much of the pain from a car collision is
due to forces on the body that take it beyond a normal range of motion extension. The action happens
so quickly that the victim may not even realize they have been injured until hours or days later.

Dr. Robinson DC, Portland chiropractic physician, explained about the need for visiting his office
promptly. "I have the knowledge and experience to quickly locate problem areas that may have been
damaged as a result of the accident. Soft tissue injuries such as whiplash are a common condition in the
aftermath of an auto collision. I can identify where the painful area is and apply the remedial
techniques to remove pain and start the body on the road to healing."

"The first visit" he explains, "I spend time with the patient learning about the damage that might have
occurred in the spinal alignment or in the soft tissue. I discuss the results of the examination with the
patient so that a care plan can be developed. Often a spinal adjustment is the first step in the care
regimen. When the patient understand the course of therapy, he is more likely to be an active

A variety of techniques may be employed to provide natural and effective relief from pain. The spinal
column alignment is crucial to pain-free living. The doctor can apply techniques to correct subluxations
in the spine. Soft tissue damage can be minimized with hot and cold applications and ultrasound. Both
of these techniques are intended to promote better circulation in the area of damage. This improved
blood flow bring in good nutrients and carries away toxins and waste products.

More info can be found regarding the technique of chiropractic therapy after an vehicle accident by
going to the web pages at here. Press corps members and others who
have further questions about chiropractic medicine and the information in this press notice are
encouraged to contact Portland chiropractic authority, Dr.Robinson, D. C., at the location below.

Contact Name: Dr. Jeff Robinson, D. C.
Company: ProHealth Chiropractic
Address: 8730 SW Terwilliger Blvd Ste 202, Portland, OR 97219
Telephone: (503) 517-8700

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Description: ProHealth Chiropractic offers natural remedies for pain relief following a vehicle accident. Both direct acute level care and long-term wellness techniques are available to Portland clients.
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