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									1. 2014-2015 David L. Boren Scholarships:
• Undergraduate student
• A U.S. citizen at the time of application
• A high school graduate, or have earned a GED
• Matriculated in an undergraduate degree program located within the United
       States accredited by an accrediting body recognized by the U.S. Department
       of Education. Boren Scholars must remain matriculated in their
       undergraduate programs for the duration of the scholarship and may not
       graduate until the scholarship is complete.
• Applying to a study abroad program that meets home institution standards in a
       country outside of Western Europe, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand.
       Boren Scholarships are not for study in the United States.

Deadline: February 5, 2014


2. Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program:
• Open to all U.S. citizen undergraduates, in good academic standing.
• Must be receiving a Federal Pell Grant or provide proof that he/she will be
        receiving a Pell Grant at the time of application or during the term of his/her
        study abroad program or internship.
• Is applying to or has been accepted into a study abroad program or
        internship eligible for credit by the student's accredited institution of higher
        education in the U.S.
• Is studying or interning abroad for at least four weeks in one country. Programs
        going to more than one country are eligible if the student will be in one
        country for at least four consecutive weeks.
• Is studying or interning abroad in any country except Cuba or a country on the
        U.S. Department of State's current Travel Warning list.
• Recipients can only receive the scholarship once. If previously, welcome to re-
        apply as long as they still meet all eligibility requirements as listed above.

Deadlines (programs beginning between July 15 and October 15, 2014):
-Mid-January 2014: online application opens for Fall 2014/AY 2014-2015 study
abroad programs and internships.
-March 4, 2014: Student Deadline for submission of online application, including
transcript(s). Must submit application by 11:59pm Central Time.
-March 11, 2014: Advisor Deadline for submission of online Study Abroad Advisor
and Financial Aid Advisor section.
-March/May 2014: Complete Applications are processed and distributed to
selection panels for review.
-Late May 2014: Applicants notified of application status via email. Study Abroad
and Financial Aid Advisors notified via email. List available on the Gilman website.
-June 2014: Accept/decline award and submit required documentation.


3. Freeman Awards for Study in Asia (Freeman-ASIA)
• U.S. citizen or permanent resident at the time of application
• Currently receive need-based financial aid or demonstrate a verifiable need for
        financial assistance to participate in the proposed study abroad program.
        Required to submit the Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) figure,
        calculated through FAFSA, with the statement of financial need through the
        online Freeman-ASIA application.
• Undergraduate student with a minimum GPA of 2.8, pursuing his or her first
        bachelor's degree (or associate's degree), at a two-year or a four-year
        institution of higher education in the United States.
• Apply through U.S. home campus and have at least one term of enrollment
        remaining at the home institution in the U.S. upon returning from studying
        abroad in Asia.
• Applied or have been accepted to a study abroad based program in: Cambodia,
        China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Macao, Malaysia, Mongolia,
        Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam. Multi-country program
        eligible only if spending at least 8 weeks in one of the countries stated above
        and will have intensive language study during that period.
• Applied to or have been accepted by a study abroad based program that awards
        academic credits through the home campus or other U.S. accredited college
        or university. The proposed length of study in the host country must be a
        minimum of 8 weeks for a summer term, 10 weeks for a quarter term, and 12
        weeks for a semester term.
• Little or no previous experience in the country in which he or she plans to study. A
        summer term applicant must not have spent more than 4 weeks in the
        proposed country of study within the last 5 years. A semester or an academic
        year term applicant must not have spent more than 6 weeks in the proposed
        country of study within the last 5 years.
• Submit the online Student Impact Survey within one month of returning to the
        United States and must initiate service project to promote study abroad
        opportunities in Asia on the college campus and/or in the local community.
• Submit Final Service Report on the implementation of service project at the end of
        the term following return to the United States.
• Not a previous Freeman-ASIA award recipient.

Spring 2013 & Early Academic Year 2013-14 Deadline (program 10 weeks or
more with a start date between December – April):
-Online application: opens August 29, 2012.
-Student Deadline: Wednesday, October 10, 2012
-Adviser Deadline: Wednesday, October 17, 2012


4. Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program:
• U.S. citizens.
• Currently enrolled in a U.S. degree-granting program at undergraduate level.
• Must have completed at least one year of general college course-work by program
        start date (one year is defined as two semesters or three quarters).
• Must be in acceptable mental and physical health. Grantees will be required to
        submit a satisfactory Medical Information Form and Physician’s Statement.
• Must be 18 years old by the beginning of the 2013 CLS Program.
• Please see 2013 CLS Institute Language Levels for more information on language
        prerequisites for individual institutes.

Deadline (for summer 2014 CLS Program): application opens in mid-September
2013 and is due on November 15, 2013


5. Fulbright U.S. Student Program
• Must be U.S. citizens at the time of application. Permanent residents not eligible.
▪ Must have a conferred bachelor's degree or equivalent before start of grant.
▪ In the creative and performing arts, four years of professional training and/or
       experience meets the basic eligibility requirement.
▪ Must be in good health. Grantees will be required to submit a satisfactory Medical
       Certificate from a physician.
▪ Must have sufficient proficiency in the written and spoken language of the host
       country sufficient to communicate with the people and to carry out the
       proposed study/research. This is especially important for projects in the
       social sciences and the humanities.
▪ May hold a J.D. at the time of application.

Deadline: online application opens May 1, 2013 - October 15, 2013
-Campus deadlines: August 1, 2013 - October 1, 2013
-Online application deadline: October 15, 2013
-National Screening: November 18, 2013 - December 31, 2013
-Final Selection Notification: March 3, 2014 - May 30, 2014

6. Overseas Press Club Foundation
Eligibility: Undergraduate students studying at American colleges and universities,
or Americans studying abroad, who aspire to become foreign correspondents

Deadline: Sunday, December 1, 2013


7. Foundation for Global Scholars
• Must be enrolled in a US college or university where transfer credit from an
       academic program abroad is applied to your US degree being earned.

• Must be a US citizen
▪ Class standing is one of the following: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior;
       Medical School; Law School; Graduate School; Community College of Junior
▪ Must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5/4.0.
Transcript is a required piece of
       the application.
▪ Program abroad is one of the following: Academic Semester or Year Abroad
       (taking classes at an overseas university); Service Learning; Internship; Short
       Term Program; Research; Summer Programs; Other program which meets all
       eligibility requirements

-Programs that begin
January 1 through April 30, 2014: apply October 1, 2013
through November 22, 2013; deadline 5pm November 22, 2013; awards announced
January 5, 2014
-Programs that begin
May 1 through August 31, 2013: apply February 11, 2013
through March 29, 2013; deadline 5pm March 29, 2013; awards announced May 1,
-Programs that begin September 1 through December 31, 2013: apply June 12, 2013
through July 31, 2013; deadline July 31, 2013; awards announced September 6,


8. Blakemore Foundation
• Be pursuing a professional, business, technical or academic career that involves
       the regular use of a modern East or Southeast Asian language
• Have a college undergraduate degree
• Class standing is one of the following: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior
• Be at or near an advanced level in the language as defined in the grant guidelines
        (Minimum requirement is 3 years of study of the language at college level or
        equivalent fluency)
• Able to devote oneself exclusively to full-time intensive language study during the
        term of the grant. Grants are not made for part-time study or research.
• Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the United States
• Funding only provided for Chinese language study at the IUP or the ICLP
        (awarded for one academic year of advanced level language study)
-Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies: located at Tsinghua
University in Beijing, China
-International Chinese Language Program: located at National Taiwan University in
Taipei, Taiwan (

Deadline: December 31, 2013 (for study starting between June 2014 and May 2015.


9. Chinese Bridge Foreign College Student Contestant Scholarships
• Qualified applicants should fill in their scholarship application forms and submit
        their academic certificate, the results of their study and a letter of
        recommendation or the corresponding copy materials.
• These materials should be sent directly to the Department of Communication,
        Hanban by the Chinese embassies or consulates before the deadline.
• All the application materials will not be returned whether candidates are accepted
        or not.
• Some important materials such as the graduation certificate, health records for
        foreigners should be kept by the applicants themselves.

-Preliminary contests for "Chinese Bridge" (Chinese Language Proficiency
Competition for the World College): arranged between March to May annually.
-Outstanding competitors in the preliminary contests will get the scholarships and
be recommended to Hanban before June 15th, 2006.
-The time for the finals is in every July.
-The winners for the first, second and third prizes should deliver their plans
overseas study to the Department of Communication, Hanban before Dec. 31st, 2007
if they accept their scholarship.


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