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									Melissa Savignano
MAG 409
Pitch Memo/Tagline/Title

Magazine Name: Slice, Dash, Pinch, Grain

Tagline: Right in your backyard; Creativity within your reach; Don’t let it pass you by

   1. Finger Lake Artist Trail: The Finger Lakes Artist Trial has over 60 stops for local arts

       to showcase their work and for tourists and locals to discover. It covers museums,

       artisans and studios, theatres, performing arts, culinary arts, festivals, businesses, and

       organizations. The Delavan Art Gallery in Syracuse is a part of it (it’s the largest art

       gallery in CNY). People can fill out a form online and the Trail’s website will post it on

       their calendar. It’s a launching pad for people hoping to break it into all those industries

       and people already successful in them. How has it launched local artists? Is it a tourist

       draw? What are the highlights? Is it a must visit for locals or art fans? This would be a

       service piece for the FOB. There’s almost 70 different stops, so I think possibly having a

       large graph with the entire trail mapped in the background with some pop up blurbs of the

       best places on the trail, like the NY Wine and Culinary Center in Canandaigua and Havill

       Poverty in Branchport. I haven’t found a lot of news coverage on the trail as a whole, just

       some individual stops. Since most publications will cover events when they are being

       held, we can look at it more holistically and find the real gems that people can visit year

       round. More visual than textuel, about 300-400 words.


   2. Julia Nunes: After reading the profile in the Democrat and Chronicle, I think a Q&A

       about her decision to leave college and how the internet became her school/network
   would be ideal, but probably not possible. Another route to take would to compare and

   contrast how she, without a college degree in music, is succeeding instead of someone

   with a music degree, possibly from SU. Is college vital or do others just see it as a waste

   of money? I saw that Jillian pitched a story about the stigma of being an art major in

   today’s economy. This could have a similar feel, possibly combine with it. Also, it could

   tie into what types of music succeed here and what doesn’t. Instead of focusing on how

   she’s raising money like the D&C profile, this would use her story to see the benefits of

   getting a degree vs. not. Is college too restricting for creative types? Or does it lead to

   them being more respected? Does geography/school location change that perspective?

   Did where she grow up and go to school influence her music style or the way she

   approaches the covers she’s known for? What opportunities did college provide her vs.

   her Youtube presence? She doesn’t have to be the focus, but just the item making the

   story relevant. We’d have to do research without her, but maybe fans and people at

   Skidmore could help. Shorter feature story, about 1000 words.

3. Corning Museum – Hot Glass Roadshow: Spectators can visit glassblowing tutorials at

   the Corning Museum in Corning through the Hot Glass Show, as well as Flamework,

   Glassbreaking and Optical Fire Demos. They are supposed to be entertaining, humorous,

   and educational, but are they? The museum is one of the premium spots for glass work.

   The Hot Glass Show also goes on the road, touring the world and country to add

   entertainment value to this little known about art form. I think this could be a personal

   account story, with someone actually going through the demo. It could also look into how

   the museum helps local artists and scientists succeed in the field. What did it feel like?

   What makes them popular? Is there more entertainment value than just enjoying the art
and learning something new? How helpful is it? Is it a good gateway into the hobby or

more just a one day experience? Did it change their minds about how art is made? Good

for all ages/families? It could go in a Visual Arts section within the middle of the

magazine. This could also lend itself to great photography, with possible photo essay

components. About 500-800 words.




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