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									                                       National Crime Prevention Association

                                    Colorado Crime Prevention Law

16-11.3-103. Duties of the commission - Colorado commission on criminal and juvenile justice

(2) The commission shall have the following duties:

(b) To investigate effective alternatives to incarceration, the factors contributing to recidivism, evidence-based
recidivism reduction initiatives, and cost-effective crime prevention programs;

24-33.5-409. Agents - Colorado Bureau of Investigation

Agents shall perform duties in the investigation, detection, and prevention of crime and the enforcement of
the criminal laws of this state. Only agents of the bureau shall be vested with the powers of peace officers of
this state and have all the powers of any sheriff or police or other peace officer.

24-33.5-510. Victim Prevention programs

1) The general assembly hereby declares that there is a great need to create innovative approaches to prevent
persons from becoming victims of crime. In order to encourage the development of such innovative
approaches for the primary prevention of crime and to encourage the integration of such innovative
approaches with victim prevention methods which have been demonstrated to be effective, the general
assembly hereby enacts this section.

(2) The division of criminal justice is hereby authorized to do all things necessary to apply for, qualify for,
accept, and distribute any moneys made available from federal, state, or private entities which are to be used
for the development of victim prevention programs.

(3) The division of criminal justice shall allocate the moneys obtained pursuant to subsection (2) of this section
for the development of victim prevention programs which meet the following criteria:

(a) The program shall have as its principal purpose the reduction or prevention of the incidence of crime in the

(b) The program shall be community-based and shall encourage the development of a public-private
partnership to achieve the goals of the program.

(c) The program shall concentrate especially on the prevention of the commission of crime by persons
between the ages of ten and eighteen years.

(d) The program may employ recognized victim prevention methods, including but not limited to victim impact
panels, but shall be encouraged to develop new and innovative victim prevention methods.

                                       National Crime Prevention Association

(e) The program shall be operated by agencies or entities which are local in nature, and the program shall be
local in administration and application. The grants of moneys pursuant to this section are intended to be used
as a match for federal grant moneys provided pursuant to 42 U.S.C. sec. 3701.
4) The division of criminal justice shall accept and evaluate applications from local agencies or entities
requesting grants of moneys to develop victim prevention programs in accordance with this section. In
evaluating such requests, the division shall consider the degree of community participation in each proposed
program in determining whether to make any grant.

24-33.5-604. Colorado Community Policing Program

(2) To be eligible for moneys from the community policing program cash fund created in section 24-33.5-605, a
local law enforcement agency shall apply to the division of criminal justice in accordance with the procedures
and timelines developed by the division pursuant to subsection (1) of this section. The application of a local
law enforcement agency shall include a community policing plan that meets the criteria for such plans
developed by the division. A plan may include, but not be limited to, the following:

(a) The creation of a partnership or collaboration between the local law enforcement agency and the families,
individuals, children, and youth who live in at-risk neighborhoods for the purpose of crime prevention
activities and strategies;

(f) The process or measurement for evaluating whether the Colorado community policing program is reducing
or preventing the incidence of crime in a community or at-risk neighborhood.

24-33.5-1803. School Safety Resource Center
(1) There is hereby created within the department the school safety resource center to assist schools in
preventing, preparing for, responding to, and recovering from emergencies and crisis situations and to foster
positive learning environments. The director of the center shall be appointed by the executive director
pursuant to section 13 of article XII of the state constitution.

(3) The center has the following duties:

(a) To assist schools in developing and implementing safety and preparedness plans, including but not limited
to any such plans that are required by state law or applicable rules of accreditation;

(b) To assist schools in establishing practices and strategies for use in responding to an emergency or crisis

(c) To assist schools in developing and establishing prevention and intervention efforts to ensure safe and
secure learning environments

(d) To conduct regular research and assessment projects to determine the efficacy of statewide and local
policies and programming;

(e) To make information and other resources available to all schools and school officials; and

(f) (I) To select at least one but not more than five school districts or regions, with the consent of the affected
school district boards of education, to serve as pilot sites during the first year of the center's operation. The

                                      National Crime Prevention Association

center shall evaluate and develop enhanced school safety services to be provided by the center to the pilot

42-5-112. Automobile Theft Prevention Authority

(1) There is hereby created in the department of public safety the automobile theft prevention authority,
referred to in this section as the "authority". Under the authority, a law enforcement agency or other qualified
applicant may apply for grants to assist in improving and supporting automobile theft prevention programs or
programs for the enforcement or prosecution of automobile theft crimes through statewide planning and

(3) (a) The board shall solicit and review applications for grants pursuant to this section. The board may award
grants for one to three years. The board shall give priority to applications representing multijurisdictional
programs. Each application, at a minimum, shall describe the type of theft prevention, enforcement,
prosecution, or offender rehabilitation program to be implemented. Such programs may include, but need not
be limited to:

(II) Programs that engage in crime prevention efforts, activities, and public awareness campaigns that are
intended to reduce the public's victimization by motor vehicle theft, fraud, and related crimes;

(h) On or before February 1, 2007, the board shall report to the judiciary committees of the senate and the
house of representatives on the implementation of the programs receiving grants pursuant to this section and
the authority. The report shall include but need not be limited to:

(III) Recommendations for legislative changes to assist in the prevention, enforcement, and prosecution of
automobile-theft-related criminal activities.


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