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               University of Manchester Registration Pack
Why register with a University?
By registering with the University of Manchester you will be able to gain a qualification
(Certificate in Theology, Diploma in Theology or BA Degree in Theology) that is
recognised world-wide. This will mean that your qualification will be recognised, for
example, by future employers or by those granting access to other academic
programmes of study.

What is required to register with the University?
In order to register for the BA Degree in Theology you will need to have at least 2 A-
levels (grade C or above).
If you do not have A-levels but have 3 GCSE passes at least at grade C (or you have
relevant other experience or have successfully completed 3 Online Units at Certificate
level) then you can register with the University for the Certificate in Theology (the first
level of the Degree course). On successful completion of the Certificate level you can
then register for the Diploma and Degree levels.

What expectations are there for students registered with the University?
As a University registered online student your study programme will need to comply with
one of the following schemes:

   Scheme           Number of           Current University Registration         Number of
                   Credits to be                    Fees                         years to
                  completed each                                              complete each
                       year            [subject to annual review by the       level (from date
                                          University of Manchester]           of registration)
                                           Initial         Subsequent
                                      Registration Fee       Annual
                                                        Registration Fees
       A                  40              £112.50             £87.50                 3
       B                  60                £225               £175                  2
       C                 120                £450               £350                  1

Each scheme allows you to complete the level for which you register within the specified
time limits. Students will be asked to indicate their chosen scheme on the form
Application for Registration (UoMreg1). You need to consider carefully the time
commitment that will be involved bearing in mind that a 10-credit Unit will require
approximately 100 study hours.

It is a regulation of the University of Manchester that a maximum of 120 credits can be
completed within a 12 month period.
Do I have to register with the University?
Online students are under no obligation to register with the University. Online students
may study Units purely for their own interest without any intention to gain a University
award. In addition Spurgeon’s College offers its own internal award: so, on completion of
60 credits, students can gain a Spurgeon’s College Award in Christian Studies.
Some students are hesitant about their ability to cope with study at University level. For
this reason students can earn up to 60 credits at Certificate level BEFORE registering
with the University and these credits can be transferred into the University Certificate in
Theology. This allows students to gauge whether the content, style and level of study
meets their needs before they formally register with the University.
Students without 3 GCSE passes (grade C or above) will need to complete 3 units
successfully before they register with the University (see above).

What is the process of registering with the University of Manchester?
The process is as follows:
   1. Students need to complete the form Application for Registration (UoMreg1). This
       should be returned to the Registrar at Spurgeon’s College via email or post. This
       form is available on pages 4 and 5 of this registration pack.
   2. The application will be considered. If it is accepted the student will receive two
       further forms by email: Acceptance of Terms (UoMreg2) and the University’s own
       Collaborative Partners Registration form. If the application is declined the
       College Registrar will contact the student regarding alternative study options.
   3. The accepted student will return the acceptance document with the registration
       fee allowing registration to be implemented.
   4. Once registration is in place the student will be issued with a Confirmation of
       University Registration (UoMreg3) which will outline the student’s individual
       scheme, course and deadline.

NB Units are purchased by students via the Spurgeon’s Online site on a ‘pay-as-you-go’
basis. The University registration fees are paid annually.

When can I register with the University of Manchester?
Students can send in the Application for Registration (UoMreg1) at any point in the year.

However, there are only 2 points in the academic year when the College can register
students with the University – these are at the start of each semester (October and

This means that the two forms which you need to complete following the acceptance of
your application for registration (see 2 above), namely Acceptance of Terms (UoMreg2)
and the University’s own Collaborative Partners Registration form, must be returned to
the Registrar by the following dates for your registration to be granted in the given
               Semester 1: 20th September
               Semester 2: 21st January

Please note that applicants in receipt of student finance will only be accepted for
registration at the start of an academic year (September only).
Can I transfer credits awarded by another institution into a Manchester BA
Credit transfer can be applied for if the following conditions are met:
      The credits must have been awarded by an appropriate awarding body
        recognised as such by the University of Manchester
      The credits must have been completed within 5 years of the date at which the
        student wishes to commence University registration.
      The student will need to complete the Application for Credit Transfer (CT1) and
        enclose the relevant administration fee.
      The student will need to provide appropriate transcripts and, where applicable,
        copies of the certificate(s).
NB The final decision regarding the transfer of credits lies with the Academic Dean’s
office at Spurgeon’s College who act in line with University regulations.

Who can I contact for further advice?
Dr Debra Reid, Course Director: Spurgeon’s Online Learning:
Miss Hannah Bingham, Administrator: Spurgeon’s Online Learning:
Mrs Sally-ann Jackson, College Registrar:
Mr Harin Fernando, Finance Officer:

Postal Address:
Spurgeon’s College, 189 South Norwood Hill, London, SE25 6DJ

020 8653 0850

If you have any questions then do feel free to contact us: we are here to help!
                            SPURGEON’S COLLEGE
                              ONLINE LEARNING

Title: (Mr/Mrs/Miss/Rev)

Forenames: (as appears on your passport)

Surname: (as appears on your passport)

Preferred Forename (if applicable e.g. Phil instead of Phillip)

Date of Birth:                                        Sex: M/F

Ethnicity: (please tick one box which best describes your ethnicity)
 White                            Mixed                               Asian or Asian British
 Black or Black British           Black or Black British –            Black or Black British –
                                  Caribbean                            African
 Chinese                          Other ethnic group
Current Address:

Email Address:

Course: (please tick one)
Certificate in Theology              Diploma in Theology               Degree in Theology 

Date of required registration: (please tick one and enter the year):
               September  ___________                   January  ___________

Have you completed any credits, to date, with Spurgeon’s Online? Yes / No

Please indicate which study scheme you wish to undertake?
      Scheme -                Initial     Number of years to                  Please tick one box
Number of credits to be  registration fee complete one level                  to indicate the study
 completed each year                                                          scheme required:
          40                £112.50               3
          60                  £225                2
         120                  £450                1
Have you completed a validated course within the last 5 years on the basis of
which you intend to apply for credit transfer? Yes  No 

        If Yes please ensure that you also complete the application for credit transfer form.
Do you consider yourself to have any learning needs that could affect your work
(e.g. dyslexia)        Yes  No 
If yes, please indicate the nature of your learning needs and the nature of any special
support you think you will require
How did you hear about Spurgeon’s College: (please tick one box which best describes this)
 Local Church                     BU Minister                        Friend
 Search engine / Internet         Former Student                     Don’t know
 Advert [please specify where the advert was] _____________________________________
 Exhibition [please state the event where the exhibition was e.g. CRE] _____________________
 Other [please give details]_______________________________________________

Previous Qualification(s) achieved:
Please state any GCSE’s / ‘A’ Levels / Higher National Diploma / Degree
Qualification                 Dates of Study                Awarding Institution

 Please provide evidence of your highest qualification when submitting this form.

Date                                               Signed

   The College needs to inform you that we will keep your information on the College
                           database including all your marks.
 We need your signature to verify that you understand that we will need to keep details of
                                this nature in this format.

           Data Protection Act 1998: Spurgeon's College will only use personal data in
            connection with its charitable and educational purposes. It does not make
        personal data available to any other organisation with the exception of contractors
            or agents employed by the school to provide services such as mailing and

                  Please sign and print your name below indicating that you
                               have read and understand this:-

           Signature .................................................................................

          Please print your name ...........................................................

                               Date ..............................................

           A full Data Protection Policy is available from the College Business Manager.

                   On completion of this application form you should send it to
                          Mrs N. Cameron, Registrar, Spurgeon’s College
                           189 South Norwood Hill, London, SE25 6DJ.
                           or by e-mail on

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