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					Mark Sossi
City Attorney

       commercial activity that is/or the purposes that comport with the mission of the
       DISTRICT; as expressed in its policies, 01' other civic purposes. "

       (b) Create a right of first refusal in favor of City in the event the properly is sold or
       encumbered by a ground lease.

Obligations of Texas Soutlunost College

   A. 17.42 Acre Tract & 14.12 Acre Tract. Pursuant to this proposal, the City and TSC
      will execute an Amended Deed to TSC for the 17.42 acre tract and the 14.12 acre
      tract. (See #2 above).

   B. Lincoln Park Phase II. TSC will execute a recordable document waiving its right of
      first refusal to the properly commonly referred to as "Lincoln Park Phase JIn•

   C. Jacob Brown/Civic Center. Pursuant to this proposal, the City and TSC will execute
      and record an Amended Deed by and between City and TSC regarding the 1997 sale.
      (See #4 above).

   D. George Kraiger House. The City of Brownsville is the owner of the George Kraiger
      House. City leased this property to TSC pursuant to a Lease Agreement dated
      December 15,2005, by and between City and TSC ("Kraiger House Lease"). The
      Kraiger House Lease is for a term of99 years and requires TSC to maintain the
      property at its own expense. Pursuant to this proposal, City and TSC will execute a
      recordable document acknowledging the termination of the Kraigher House Lease.
      TSC will deliver possession of this property to City, including the $484,000 of
      renovations previously made by TSC.

   E. Young HOLlse. TSC will convey the "Young House" to City by way of'warranty

   F. Neale House. TSC will convey the "Neale l-louse" to the City by way of warranty

       Please review this Agreement    with your c1ienl and get back with me at your earliest

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               ] 001 E. Elizabeth St., Suite 234 • Brownsville, Texas • 78520
                            Phone: (956) 548-6011 • Fax (956) 546-4291

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