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New car insurance site launching


									                                       New car insurance site launching

1888PressRelease - Which is better: spending time finding URLs for insurance companies and going from site-to site
to get cheap car insurance quotes, or getting multiple free quotes from an expert?

There's one good thing about doing the research work yourself. When you start comparing the results, you can see the
value of all the time and effort you invested.

To put your effort into perspective, why not use the free search engine at This gives
you instant contact with multiple car insurance companies. Within a few minutes, you have multiple sets of quotes
from all the top insurance companies licensed to sell policies in your state.

Note that this website offers you set chance to get multiple sets of quotes. You might stay on one insurance company's
site and get quotes for different makes and models or for different levels of deductible. That might take you half-an-
hour. The results might look good, but then you have to do that for every major insurer in your state.

In the same thirty minutes, you could stay on our website and get sets of quotes from as many insurance companies as
you want.

There's nothing wrong with moving from one insurer to the next, but are you sure you found all the best insurers? Did
you ask all the right questions?

Now ask yourself whether it's better to ask an expert to do the hard work for you. If you think an experienced guide
would improve the odds of finding cheap car insurance, come to It's a brand new
site using the latest software and backed by years of industry experience. You know in your heart it will do the job


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